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This page answers general questions, and is often linked to from my edit summaries for explanations.

About my editsEdit

'Language proposal maintenance'?Edit

This refers to routine maintenance performed on requests for new language editions of existing projects.

  1. Maintain list format.
    Each new comment or topic is formatted as a bulleted list item, with responses indented below it. This makes it easy to follow discussion, which is particularly important when members of the language subcommittee must repeatedly refer to various points in discussing and deciding requests.
  2. No code!
    The language proposal policy requires an existing ISO-639 (search) or BCP 47 (list) code. Many users invent new codes based on the guidelines that were in place before the implementation of the policy, which are no longer valid. I replace these fake codes with a message like "[needs a code]".
  3. Normalization.
    Minor changes to conform to the norm established by the policy, such as changing "(P/N)" to "(NP)".

'Sorting links to your userspace'?Edit

You probably saw me change "[[user:pathoschild|Pathoschild]]" to "[[user:pathoschild/s|Pathoschild]]". User:Pathoschild/s is a redirect to my userpage, so the edit may appear rather pointless. However, redirected incoming links are grouped together under the redirect, which organises special:Whatlinkshere/user:Pathoschild. This allows me to easily find new links, which leads to such discoveries as John N.'s nice layout, or complete my entry at w:Wikipedia:List of administrators/IRC nicknames.

Redirect Meaning
user:Pathoschild/l The list redirect is for links from various lists of users.
user:Pathoschild/r (Not used on the Meta-Wiki) The reference redirect is for links that are simply references to me in a message; for example, "I see Pathoschild edited this page".
user:Pathoschild/s The signature redirect is used for links to my userspace that I place, either inline or in my signature.