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Wikimedia early community outreach Date
Publish summary of local language consultations June 15
Affiliate outreach: surveys and interviews June 15 - end of July
Large communities: Arbitration Committees and feedback from local on-wiki discussions compiled Late July
Medium and smaller communities: Outreach completed, and feedback compiled. Late July
Wikimedia Foundation Staff Research: Survey completed and summarized Late July
Drafting stages and community review Date
Call for Participation - Drafting Committee July 1
Drafting committee selected July 15
Reading Period - Committee reviews research, consultation summaries, and previous discussions July 15 - 30
Drafting Committee: Active Drafting Stage August 3 - 9
UCoC Draft: Community comments and final revisions by committee August 10 - 29
Final stage: UCoC Draft delivered to Board of Trustees for review with links to community comments August 30