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If you're not supposed to be here yet, take this and go away.

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Hidden Barnstar award template

{{subst:MissingBarnstar|For discovering [[:en:User:SimoneBot/Adopt/Test|my final Adopt-a-User exam]] early and thus allowing myself even more time to prepare for it, [[:en:User:SimoneBot|SimoneBot]] has allowed me to give myself the '''Hidden Barnstar''' for my inquisitive spirit, essential for a good Wikipedian. ~~~~}}

Anyway, back to those of you who were actually supposed to come here....

About The ExamEdit

At this point, I, Hersfold, your adopter, feel that you have learned enough during this training/mentorship/adoption/whatever-it-is program to be unleashed upon an innocent and probably quite terrified encyclopedia.(KIDDING! Don't panic!)

Your optionsEdit

You are not required to take this exam. If you feel that you've learned enough and are competent enough with that information (or you're just sick and tired of me at this point), you are free to simply end the adoption program now and be on your merry way. Just remove the adoption template from your userpage and leave me a message to let me know you're running off. This allows you more time to be on your own and perhaps gain a social life that I, as the grueling taskmaster, have been hiding from you. On the other hand, this will make me very sad and I'll probably mope around the project for weeks on end pondering whether it's really worth it all. Not really, but I will be slightly upset.

If, however, you choose to take the exam, there are several benefits in doing so. You actually confirm that you do indeed know all that information and are competent with it. You will have a wonderful feeling of personal satisfaction at having graduated. I'll put up a userbox that says I'm proud of you and your accomplishments that will undoubtedly be well above those other new users who were not adopted. And I'll find some sort of appropriate shiny award to give to you as my thanks for being a good adoptee and putting up with me this whole time. I won't say what the award is, because I don't even know. It will be suited to you, and what I observed of you during our time together. However, you must pass this test to graduate and receive that award.

Yes, it is possible to fail. If I give you the link to this page, I do not believe that will happen. But it is possible. This is an exam. Take it seriously.

Format of the examEdit

The exam consists of two parts - a practical test, and a written test.

The practical test involves me setting a series of tasks for you to complete within a certain time period. Failure to complete all tasks before the time alloted will result in the deduction of points. If you have concerns in that horrid thing we call "Real Life" that must take precedence, MAKE SURE THAT THEY DO. I will not be an anal prick about this because some relative passed away. Those things do happen, and Wikipedia most certainly should NOT get in the way of dealing with them. The tasks set will be different for every user, and may be more or less depending on what I believe the user to be capable of. If I pile a lot of work on you, that's because I believe you can handle it. So suck it up.

The written test consists of a series of questions, displayed below, relating to Wikipedia's policies, guidelines, and procedures. Points will be awarded for correct responses, and partial credit is available. If you wish to debate a question I have marked incorrect, you are free to do so, HOWEVER I do have the final say as adopter, test-setter, and far more experienced user. (So there. :-P).

A passing grade is considered to be 75% or higher. Lower grades will result in a longer adoption period. If you completely blow the test off, I'll apply for adminship and immediately abuse my powers by blocking you indefinitely. Just dare me.

The ExamEdit

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(Last chance to turn back!)

Do not post answers to your written exam here. In a moment, you will create a separate page for your exam. This page will have the questions for your written test preloaded, and will allow you to access your tasks for the practical test. Once the page is created, you will have exactly one week in which to complete all questions and tasks.

Once you are ready to begin your exam, replace the word "USERNAME" in the box below with your user name (e.g., "Simone". Don't add the "User:" prefix)