User:OrenBochman/Wikiphilosophy 101

Answers to these need to provide links to policy pages, have a good argument with solid reasoning, and be thorough. Follow up questions are suggested to stimulate a discussion.

Is this Wikipedia?Edit

  • What does this image symbolize? Do you agree with it? Why or why not?

Fun and Humorous?Edit

  • Do you believe that "fun" and humorous items belong in Wikipedia? What side do you believe you take regarding the positions detailed in User:Jayron32/Orthodoxy and heresy at Wikipedia? Why?
    • What about Userbox content? (look here for more info) Should ridiculously silly or "bad" userboxes that serve no encyclopedic purpose be allowed?
    • Do you think Wikipedia should keep cabals?


What is your opinion on re-confirmation RFA's? (An admin having another RFA to see if the community still trusts them)

The Power of the AdminEdit

How important do you think administrator duties are to the encyclopedia? Should there be more admins? Less? Why? Furthermore, what extra influence do administrators have compared to other users?

Banned UsersEdit

In your opinion, should bans on the En-Wikipedia transfer over to the Simple English Wikipedia? Why or why not? (See this for a discussion on the simple english Wikipedia. It's a pretty long mess, but if you want to comb through it, go ahead).


Should there be an age limit for editing Wikipedia? For requesting adminship? Bureaucratship?

False CredentialsEdit

"I have a JD, so I should know the correct interpretation of the Good Samaritan Laws, and how they should be used in the article"

Do you believe that this claim should need some kind of verification? I could say to you right now that I'm 23, live in Vermont, and have a Doctorate in Biochemistry, but this wouldn't be true whatsoever.

Also, should lying about an editor's real life situation have consequences?

Reward SystemEdit

What is your opinion on a reward system for editing (besides the reward board)? This would be along the lines of gifts/cash per edits, gifts/cash per FA and GA, volunteer hours per edits, etc.


Is Wikipedia failing? Or not?


In your opinion, should registration be required for editing? Please explain.

Pile-on RFA'sEdit

Do you think that adding your name to the oppose section with a "Strong oppose" heading is acceptable? Is this not violating WP:CIVIL? WP:AGF? WP:BITE? Why or why not? Furthermore, should there be a guideline about this? Should users be reprimanded for doing these things?