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Some simple gamesEdit

Notation and requirement - we need

  1. players   (small letters)
  2. strategies
    •   all the strategies of  .
    •   a strategy for   where   .
    •   is a particular play of the game (a strategy profile).
    •   is a particular play excluding the option of  
  3. payoffs   or abbreviated   using a specific play

what we'd like to find out is:

  • What would be the rational outcome
    • dominant strategies
    • weakly dominant strategies.
    • mixed strategies
    • sub-game strategies
    • any the equilibrium (nash, etc).
    • ESS (dynamically stable solution)
  • Can payoff design be used to change the rational behaviour.
  • How fragile is a wiki game to invaders[note 1]

methodology involves

  • Coordination[1] can be modeled by:
Ban Pass
Escalate 5, 5 0, 4
Pass 4, 0 2, 2
Fig. 1: Stag hunt example

The Normal Form SubgameEdit

This sub game happens after an inciting incident sequence . This could be a spam edit or a perceived spam edit. An edit war may incite a block and repeted incident my incite a ban.

  • under normal circumstances the user would only be banned in a spam incident. though it could also happen for other reasons those are

other types of ban games.

  • the full game would add a second step where the Patroller bans the Editor with probability


patroller (accept) patroller (ban)
Editor GF (ham) (0,0) (0,0)
Editor BF (spam)    
  • a patroller who bans a user incurs a coordination cost COO.
  • the spammer only incurs the cost of setting up a new account estimated at one work unit.
  • not banning a spammer has marginal cost (his future damage to the community).


note: there is a probability of getting an admin or an non admin reversion.

Gloassary & NotesEdit

  1. good faith and bad faith invaders should be considered. Note: bad faith are obviously bad, would too much good faith be counter productive and render the population fragile to subsequent invasion


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