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The battle of the sexes - Modeling The Gender Gap -Edit

Edit ♂ POV Edit ♀ POV
Edit ♂ POV 4,1 0,0
Edit ♀ POV 0,0 1,4
Edit ♂ POV Edit ♀ POV
Edit ♂ POV 2,1 -2,0
Edit ♀ POV -2,0 -1,4

While the gender gap could result from ... a battle of the sexes it is not an obvious situation. Anyhow the battle of the sexes is a symmetrical model - unless one side can burn money. In Wikipedia there is an extreme gender gap. A research program might go about researching the effects different factors effect the gender gap might look how different "money burning" strategies effect female v.s. male users. To be clearer money burning could be all sort of behaviours such as deleting 27% of all articles... or having lots of articles about porn.

However this is a method to test threatened sex discrimination. To model direct discrimination is also possible with a simpler game.

(aversion to technology upfront)

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