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Wikipedia is not a social network!Edit

This is a common sentiments on Wikipeida where users know that unlike the social networks of today, they are part of a combined mission to create the worlds most comprehensive encyclopedia. As users become more involved in MediaWiki projects they discover that projects are increasingly social and that networking with other wikipedians is an essential skill to master.

  • To let others users know they can depend on your work.
  • To reduce some of the challanges.
  • To increase mutual satisfaction from working on a wiki.
  • To increase the level of cooperation - long term success in a wiki requires making more and more friends.

To improve your ability to cooperate with other it is useful to participate in a number of activities. These are the subject of this tutorial

How do repuation work in an anonymous environment?Edit

On wikipedia users are anonymous. So establishing a reputation is not straight forward. Some things a user might look at:

  • A user's Page.
  • A user's talk page.
  • A users tenure in the project and on other projects.
  • The merit as recognised by others in barnstars and wiki love etc.
  • A user's contribution history.
  • A user's edit summaries.
  • A user's participation in community activites.
  • A user's grasp of policy and the norms for their application.

Social SpacesEdit

Wikipedia has Articles and their talk pages, but besides these there are a number of different spaces where people interact. Some if these spaces are small and accordingly highly social. The most friendly place to get find like minded people is a project. Most projects are orgenised about a certain subject, a few are orgenised about carring out maintenece tasks. Today you should select two or three project and join them.

Joining a projectEdit

  1. locate a project in an area that interests you or that you know much about.
  2. read about its activities - are there task forces?
  3. add your name to the member list with a suggestion to your prefered activities.
  4. look for requested taks on the project page.
  5. participate in these tasks.