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This course is aimed at open source coders who wish to specialise in MediaWiki developement.

  • Prerequisites:
    • experience in installing/working with W:LAMP or a W:WAMP stack
    • Some coding experience in one or more of:
      • PHP - MediaWiki and its extensions are coded in PHP.
      • Javascipt - UI is also has a large amount of javascript code.
      • Java - Dumps and Search engine are coded in java.
      • Python - robots.
      • Lua - Modern Templates are coded in Lua.
      • MediaWikki Syntax.
      • SQL - To work with the Database.
      • Source control system.
      • Irc.

I will try to assume as little about your background as possible and recap all the required material. However if you are rusty or lacking knowledge in some areas you will have to work harder to make up the difference.

However many of our top coders has humble beginning by reporting and later fixing bug.


Any questions? Or are you ready to take our orientation survey?