Neat projectsEdit

The Wikipedia Adventure
An interactive online tutorial/game to make an editor's first 100 edits a positive experience
The Wikipedia Library
A single-sign on portal for editors to access participating resource donations like HighBeam, Credo, Questia, and JSTOR
Wiki Project Med Foundation
Connect WikiProject medicine editors with medical institutions and databases
Turnitin Collaboration
A partnership to have a leading plagiarism detection company donate services and check all of Wikipedia for copyright violations, for free
Plain and simple conflict of interest guide
Reasonable and considered guidance for editors with conflicts of interest
Teahouse Badges
A semi-structured program to recognize regular (but exceptional) achievement and skill acquisition by editors
Philadelphia Museum of Art GLAM consulting
Provide guidance and engagement between the Museum, project members, and regional art enthusiasts

What I've done hereEdit

I'm a 7 year editor (4 as an ip) with about 35,000 edits spread evenly around the project. My main focuses have been alternative medicine/pseudoscience, middle east current events and historic individuals, copyediting large articles, cleaning up policies, engaging in community policy discussions, preparing help documentation and guides for new users, integrating COI editors into best practices, assisting new editors in irc help chat and at Articles for Creation, working on an educational game called The Wikipedia Adventure, getting editors free access to proprietary research databases like HighBeam through The Wikipedia Library, building relationships with organization that share a similar mission like Turnitin, Cochrane and OCLC, and helping others develop grants and projects in the IdeaLab.

Some things I'm proud of
  • 35,000 edits
  • Wikipedia-en-help (IRC), since 2010, channel op
  • OTRS, since 2012, access to Quality queue
  • Administrator since 2013
  • Expanded and rewrote The simplified ruleset into the Plain and Simple guide
  • Wrote The plain and simple conflict of interest guide
  • Designed and built The Wikipedia Adventure
  • Set up the collaboration with HighBeam Research resulting in 1000 free 1-year accounts ($200,000 worth)
  • Set up the collaboration with Questia resulting in 1000 free 1-year accounts ($100,000 worth)
  • Set up the collaboration with Cochrane resulting in 100 free accounts ($50,000 worth)
  • Set up the collaboration with W:EN:WP:OUP resulting in 150 free accounts ($200, 000 worth)
  • Started a collaboration with Turnitin to improve copyright detection on Wikipedia
  • Voluntarily advised COI editors at Monitor Group, Occidental Petroleum, NDAA 2012, Eli Lilly, and PRSA
  • Created 15 articles, which have been viewed over 200,000 times.
  • Participated in Wikimania 2012 in Washington D.C., GLAM Bootcamp 2013 in D.C, GSummit 2013 in San Francisco, Wikipedia Day 2013 in NYC, 2013 Mediawiki Hackathon in Amsterdam, 2013 Wikimania Hong Kong, and 2013 Wikimedia Diversity Conference in Berlin
  • Gave speeches to groups, companies, and universities about Wikipedia for conflict of interest, gamified learning, library development, medical editing, and education
  • Conducted an interview series on paid editing for the Signpost called Does Wikipedia Pay?
  • Participated in a social media week panel on Wikipedia and Marketing]
  • Co-leader of weeklong UCSF medical lecture series and editathon and the first ever North American medical editing elective at UCSF.
  • Outreach Coordinator for Wiki Project Med Foundation
Significantly expanded or rewritten
Substantial debates and/or mediation
Conflict of interest review
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