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Internet support for Wikimedians in IndiaEdit


COVID-19 has affected Wikimedian's financial situation just like the world. Some of them were unable to recharge or get internet on their own and the reason behind it was they lost their jobs or a variety of other reasons. Internet support for Wikimedians in India is a program run by A2K from 1 June to 31 August 2021. The program only run for Indian Wikimedians who were living in India. We started this program when we have got multiple requests regarding internet support on the CIS-A2K request page. Till the end of the program, we received 56 requests on the meta page and 2 requests via email from Indian editors. We gave already given 55 recharges to applicants and the remaining applicants did not reply to us for the support details.


Before running this program, we contacted a few volunteers to work as jury members. Three Wikimedians agreed to review the application and the support given to applicants was only based on the jury's decision. We set criteria with the help of a jury and provided internet to applicants for 3 to 6 months.

Most of the applicants who received Internet support under this program, edited Wikimedia projects after getting the support. They were not concerned anymore about Internet service and they could able to edit Wikimedia projects. We received applications during this program for more than the A2K request page.

This program was closed after three months but A2K is still providing Internet support to applicants. And through the request page, we will try to provide support to Indian Wikimedians.

Maryana’s Listening Tour ― South AsiaEdit

Maryana’s Listening Tour ― South Asia

South Asia meet was a part of Maryana’s Listening Tour. During her tour, Maryana met with volunteer contributors, affiliates, donors, partners and staff, where the incoming CEO of the Wikimedia Foundation seek to listen to and understand the movement. South Asia meet was also the part of it where south Asian communities showed their interest to meet with Maryana. It was a collaboration with Stay safe, stay connected, a series of virtual interactions organised by CIS-A2K.

From 2020, all meets are scheduled online. So, this meet with Maryana was also an online meet where Wikimedians from South Asia joined the meeting to meet Maryana.
  • Wikimedians from South Asia met with Wikimedia Foundation's new CEO for the first time.
  • Wikimedians shared their struggles, problems, concerns or issues with Maryana.

A2K will continue the series of online meetings this year as well. It started during the second wave of COVID and it will drive till the third wave, Omicron.

Mini edit-a-thonsEdit


A2K started the series of mini edit-a-thon from 2020 when India was under a lockdown due to the Covid 19 pandemic. The Wikimedia movement was also affected by this pandemic just like the world. To keep the Indian communities and volunteers engaged, A2K planned for only two days edit-a-thons. Moreover, during these events, we were able to engage approximately 100 users/editors. In 2020 conducted three mini edit-a-thons namely Mahatma Gandhi 2020 edit-a-thon, Festive Season 2020 edit-a-thon and Wikipedia 20th anniversary celebration edit-a-thon.

In 2021, we organised two mini edit-a-thons which were the second iterations of the previous mini edit-a-thons. The mini edit-a-thons were conducted in 2021 were Mahatma Gandhi 2021 edit-a-thon and Festive Season 2021 edit-a-thon.

Mahatma Gandhi 2021 edit-a-thonEdit

This was the second iteration of Mahatma Gandhi edit-a-thon. It was also a two-day-long edit-a-thon. For participating in this event 43 users signed up. But 32 editors out of 43, contributed during the event. Participants were from 12 languages or communities Such as Assamese, Bengali, Hindi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Odia, Santali, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu.

For the participation update, a few editors submit their articles on the event page. Around 98 articles were created during this two-days-long event. Apart from it, a user made 18 edits on Wikidata as well.

Festive Season 2021 edit-a-thonEdit

During the 2-day-long edit-a-thon, a total of 20 editors signed up to participate and create or develop the content on their local Wiki projects about festivals of India. But out of 20 users, only 11 editors participated. This time these 11 contributors were from 6 Indian language communities— Gujarati, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil.

Most of the participants created content on Wikipedia only. Around 46 articles were created within these two days.

A few editors also edited Wikidata for labels and descriptions. They made edits regarding the festivals of India on Wikidata. User:Ssgapu22 added one item related to Festive Season 2021 edit-a-thon (d:Q110061212). User:Vijay Barot made more than 100 edits on Wikidata. A young Wikimedian uploaded 8 files on Wikimedia Commons related to festivals.

We tried to involve a volunteer User:Dugal harpreet to organise the festive season 2021.


During these events, 144 articles were created on local Wikipedias about specific topics within 4 days. We found users participated enthusiastically. ~43 editors participated well and after their participation, we are planning to continue the series of mini edit-a-thons.


Mini edit-a-thon in March The series of the mini edit-a-thons is crucial during these days. A lot of events, edit-a-thons are happing or will happen around the world, so, a very short time events good for the editors. It is not a burden to editors because they are happy to edit for only two days. So, to continue this series, A2K will celebrate 'Women's Month' in March. We will plan a 2-days edit-a-thon in March as well.


Request PageEdit


CIS-A2K provides support to the Indic Wikimedia community through the different programs. The requests page is a place where communities can request or demand any kind of supports. A2K team review the requests and after discussion the team reply to those requests. These supports are of 3 types such as financial, non-financial & Technical from the communities. The request page is open for all Indian affiliates, user groups, communities or individuals which open throughout the year. After the pandemic, A2K is supported only for those requests which followed the restrictions and rules of the government.


CIS-A2K started to provide support to the Indic communities throughout the year and the request page is open on Meta-Wiki. It is easy to access for everyone and any Indian Wikimedian can write their request on the page.

Internet connectivity supportEdit

A2K request page received ~7 requests regarding Internet connectivity. All 7 requests were approved after checking the individual's global contribution.

T-shirt & Stickers distribution ProgramEdit


CIS-A2K always has been trying to find some ways to boost up or encourage Wikimedia to continue its Wikimedia journey. These initiatives take place to try to maintain the Indic Wikimedia family. To continue this idea, A2K decided to encourage the newbies who edit the Wiki projects after their registration on Wikimedia projects.


Encouragement is necessary for everyone. We noticed in previous experiences if someone notices a user's work and appreciate them then it develop enthusiasm among them. The motive of this program was to boost up the newbies to increase their contribution and ensure them their work or contribution is important to Wikimedia.


With the help of the A2K team members, we started looking for newbies from different communities and languages. We found 10 names for the first phase and we collect their contacts and approach them. With the help of google form, we collect their residential addresses and start sending t-shirts and stickers to them. A few recipients confirmed by their own that they received the stuff that CIS-A2K sent to them.

Upcoming EventsEdit

Wikimedia Wikimeet India 2022Edit

Wikimedia Wikimeet India 2022 logo
Brief summary of WMWM 2021

Wikimedia Wikimeet India 2021 was a virtual ​meet where Wikimedians were able to interact with each other in person. The main objectives behind conducting this meet were to celebrate on-wiki contribution, to provide an online platform for wiki-learning and skill-share, to support discussions and interactions, to schedule important sessions, and explore the medium of online training and wiki-event for future use. A2K conducted this large scale virtual meet for three days that took place on 19, 20 and 21 February 2021. It started as a national level meet but it reached International engagement or involvement. A few experienced international experts were invited to address the topics to Indian Wikimedians. During this event, different components were focused on such as online workshops, presentations, discussions, etc. Katherine Mehar and Asaf Bartov were the key speakers of the event. The detailed report of the meet is here

Why WMWM2022

When CIS-A2K planned for Wikimedia Wikimeet India 2021 that would be a challenge for the organising team because it was an experimental meet. Before it, A2K never conducted an online large scale meet. It went good enough and volunteers provided their genuine feedback towards the meet. We found a positive response for the continuation of the event, so, A2K decided to provide the same platform to Wikimedians of India. It will be totally online just because of the pandemic situation.


Wikimedia Wikimeet will take place online and the platform will be the same, Zoom. A2K is contacting Wikimedians in person or through social media.


The #1Lib1Ref campaign is hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation and supported by the Wikipedia Library Team and Wikimedia Affiliates around the world. For this or during the event CIS-A2K will also try to engage a few Indic communities. This is a difficult task to engage existing Wikimedians as well as encourage the new users to participate in these types of events. A2K will conduct 2 or 3 events during the date 15 January to 5 February.


The event #1Lib1Ref is not easy to conduct for communities and individuals and we think newbies are important for the growth of Wikimedia. Also without references, articles do not have relevancy and Indic Wikipedias have lack citations. This is an opportunity to engage Wikimedians and help them to improve their local Wikis.


A2K will organise events for 2 or 3 communities during the 20 days. We will contact a few active editors and ask them to take initiative to improve their Wikis and also ask them to look into the librarians if they can engage them with the Wikimedia projects.