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  1. the deadline for the candidates' statement being a bit awkward for me, i am writing this from a camping in the auvergne, france.
  1. i am sorry to have witnessed angela's resignation, i greatly value her contributions to the projects, which i am happy to hear will not cease. in view of a temporary replacement being absolutely mandatory however, i decided to volunteer despite my busy life, since there is a lot of work waiting to be tackled as well as many problems waiting to be resolved by the wmf-board; solid decisions need to be taken rather swiftly in my humble opinion. i decided to volunteer, but not after first having consulted some of my fellow wikians, whose comments and views on this matter i greatly value and respect, so here i am: my candidacy should not come completely unexpected.
  • 申し訳ないことにAngelaの辞職に立ち合わせたのですが、彼女のプロジェクトへの貢献を非常に高く評価します。また、活動を中止しないということも聞けてうれしいです。しかしながら、絶対に必要である一時的な交代を考慮して、WMFの理事会に解決されるべくある多くの問題同様、取り組まれるべくある多くの作業があるため、忙しい生活を送ってはいますが、お手伝いする決心をしました。というのも、私の謙遜した意見で幾分迅速に、確固たる決定をとる必要があります。私はお手伝いする決心をいたしましたが、私が重く考えているこの問題に関する意見・見解を持つ、何人かの仲間のウィキメディアンに相談したあとで、私は立候補しました。私の立候補は全く予想外のものだというわけではないのです。
  1. please see my dutch userpage for some of my personal views; please bear with me, this is no scientist (nor technician: i confess to sometimes still struggle with codes), but rather an artist speaking...
  • 私個人の考えについてはオランダ語版の利用者ページをご覧ください。私は科学者(または技術者)ではないですが(実はまだ時々コードに悪戦苦闘することがあるのです)、芸術家の演説を我慢して聞いてください。
  1. i am a professional composer and teacher at the rotterdam conservatory. even as such, i do not believe in copyright, especially not in copyright on ideas, and have long resisted joining the copyright organizations of which composers have to be a member of. finally i had to submit, since i found out that without joining it is virtually impossible to publish one's works, especially on cd. i am a firm believer in copyleft in general.
  • 私はプロの作曲家であり、またロッテルダム音楽院の講師をしています。そういうものとしてさえ、私は著作権、特にアイデアの著作権の価値を信じておらず、作曲家が所属しなければならない著作権団体に長いこと反抗してきました。結局はそれに所属せずに自らの作品を、特にCDとして発表するのが事実上不可能だと分かり、私は屈服しました。ですが、私は一般に、強いコピーレフト信者です。
  1. prior to having become a professional composer, i worked as a manager in corporate life, with experience in both profit- and non-profit organizations in the netherlands ('87-'95). i discovered britannica (oops, wrong text, should i mention this at all??) at the age of 10 in 1968 and have been in love with the gathering and spreading of knowledge all my life :-)
  • プロの作曲家となる前、私はオランダの営利・非営利組織両方にいた経験から共同生活のマネージャーをしていました('87-'95)。私は1968年、10歳のときにブリタニカ百科事典(おっと、悪いテクストですね、言及してもいいのでしょうか??)を発見し、生まれてから今までに知識を収集し広めるのを好んできました :-)
  1. i am an advocate of real-life meetups whenever feasible, which in my small country have proven to be relatively easy to arrrange (i organized the rotterdam symposium where in september 2004 jimbo, anthere and angela first met irl), and actually believe that, next to regular conferences on irc, the wmf-board should meetup in real life at least three times a year at the present state of things (not to mention meeting at wikimania as well), in order to be able to work most efficiently.
  1. i am rather quick at learning languages and would not mind at all to learn some more along the way...
  1. whether we are constructing an ark of noah for human knowledge, or "just" boldly working at the gradual completion of the tower of babel still remains to be seen, but i strongly believe that such is in our own hands for a larger part than could "reasonably be expected". please let it be clear that it is for this very reason that i most emphatically believe in the importance of the wmf's mission, and have been devoting most of my free time for 2,5 years now to the consolidation and further development of its projects and communities. i will continue to do so, no matter the outcome of these elections.