User:Nemo bis/User rights process

The Wikimedia Foundation Board,

ACKNOWLEDGING the unprecedented and continued participation of thousands Wikimedia projects editors in the global discussions around the RfCs "On a scale of billions" and "Superprotect rights", including local branches thereof and open letters;

COMMENDING the commitment to the Wikimedia Mission of everyone involved and their contribution to the identification of areas of possible improvement for the Wikimedia projects;

NOTING the successful implementation of the 2010 delegation to stewards, some recent examples of which are the regular elections and the establishing of global rename practices for SUL finalization;

HAVING the incumbent responsibility to empower the processes and volunteers who contribute to the Wikimedia projects' resilience, self-healing and ability to solve any latent or evident conflict standing in the way of the Mission;


  • that user groups and their permissions, when seen as potentially altering the traditional egalitarian nature of administrative functions and groups like the "sysop" group, be subject to discussion by the global community and to consensus-building;
  • that the Wikimedia stewards be tasked with determining the conclusion of such discussions and with establishing the set of permissions available to any global group, according to best practices;

RECOMMENDS that the Executive Director consider the discussions linked above as fulfilling the discussion requirement here established, and act accordingly.