CEE Meeting 2017 Lightning Talks Ideas - "5 ideas in 5 minutes"

This is a short presentation of 5 ideas for Wikimedia Central and Eastern Europe to implement, as presented on Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2017 lightning talks session on the 23rd of September 2017.

Feel free to contact me if some of these ideas resonate with you and you would be happy to contribute your time to discussing or progressing with the idea! I would be more than happy also to discuss these ideas on the conference (in case I am not held up with discussing movement strategic direction).

Ideas are following:

  1. Sharing human resources and competences in the CEE region (in a more systematic way)
  2. Building open coalitions throughout the region for more impactful work on advocacy
  3. Nurturing sharing and learning between Wikimedia collaboratives
  4. Having a Wikidata project that is built on quotidian data curation of GLAM professionals
  5. Creating a cross-regional thematic GLAM project

In order to endorse proper implementation of all the ideas from lightning talks (and beyond), as well as continuous communication in the region, regular recorded CEE Show and Tell sessions are suggested.

Thank you for your time and kind attention!