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This page is designed to serve as a complete record of the compensation that I have received from any Wikimedia organisation, which solely comprises reimbursement of my expenses incurred on behalf of Wikimedia. It is as complete as I have been able to make it - corrections and suggestions for improvement would be most welcome on the talk page. Reimbursements before 2014 are from Wikimedia UK unless otherwise noted, and those after December 2022 are from Wikimedia Foundation unless otherwise noted. I will regularly update this page additional expenses are incurred - if I haven't updated it recently, please remind me on my talk page!

I was reimbursed by Wikimedia UK in a wide variety of roles from 2008 until 2014, and these roles have naturally changed over time. I was a trustee of WMUK from 2008 until 2013. My formal positions were as Membership Secretary between late 2008 and April 2009, Chair from April 2009 to April 2010, and Secretary from April 2010 until July 2013. I also maintained WMUK's technical capacity from 2008 until 2012. I have also undertaken various other roles within WMUK, including being the press contact and a GLAM coordinator in past years. Note that my expenses for attending WMUK board meetings in 2013 were higher than the average expenses for fellow trustees. This is because most of the WMUK trustees are located in London, and as a result we chose to hold board meetings in London in order to minimise the overall cost of the meetings. This meant that my expenses include travel to/from London, as well as subsistence and accommodation whilst in London, which other trustees didn't need to claim for. My WMUK activities since 2013 were as an independent volunteer.

I was a member of the Wikimedia Foundation's Funds Dissemination Committee in 2012–14 and 2015–17. I moved from Manchester to São Paulo in 2016, to Tenerife in 2019, and London in 2023. I joined the WMF Board in 2022.


Date Org Activity Location Expenses
2023-08 Wikimedia Foundation Wikimania Singapore WMF paid for the flight and hotel directly. I claimed $412 for per diem and transport.
2023-05 Wikimedia Foundation Hackathon Athens WMF paid for the flight and hotel directly. I claimed $370 for a hotel night on return, car parking, other transport, and subsistence.
2023-03 Wikimedia Foundation Board and strategy meeting New York WMF paid for the flight and hotel directly. I claimed for $304.42 + €43.30 for flight seats; local transport; and subsistence.


Date Org Activity Location Expenses
2022-11 Wikimedia España Journadas 2022 Almería WMES paid for the hotel directly, along with event meals, and reimbursed flights (€95.99 reimbusement). I covered all other costs.





Date Org Activity Location Expenses
2020-10 Wikimedia Foundation WikiCite N/A I led Wikicite/e-scholarship/Mike Peel (Cite Q improvements), which received a total of 1215 USD split between 4 people for eScholarships - my share was US$273.





Date Org Activity Location Expenses
2018-07 Wikimedia Foundation Wikimania Cape Town I received a full scholarship, covering my flight (São Paulo to Cape Town, circa US$2,000 return), and half of my accommodation costs (as I chose to have a private room rather than a shared one). I covered the other half of my accommodation, and other costs, by myself. My report is at Grants:TPS/MikePeel/Wikimania/2018/Report


Date Org Activity Location Expenses
2017-11 Wiki Educação Brasil International Wikipedia Science Conference Rio de Janeiro I was going to give a keynote at this conference, but I was forced to pull out at the last minute due to legal issues between my employer (the University of São Paulo) and Wiki Educação Brasil. My flights were booked by WEB at a cost of circa R$500 (~£125), and I don't know if this was refundable. My accommodation costs were presumably zero as a result.
2017-10 Wikimedia Deutschland d:Wikidata:WikidataCon 2017 Berlin I was awarded a scholarship to attend the conference, covering the equivalent of flights from São Paulo to Berlin and back, as well as accommodation in Berlin and conference registration. I travelled to Manchester after the conference, and my flight back afterwards included a long layover in New York (which reduced the cost of the return flight); all extra costs here covered by myself.
2017-05 Wikimedia Foundation FDC R2 deliberations Warsaw Flights from São Paulo to Warsaw and Manchester to São Paulo, accommodation in Warsaw, and lunches were directly covered by the WMF. US$132.82 claimed for local expenses in Warsaw. Flights between Warsaw and Manchester, and an extended stay in Manchester to visit family, were covered by myself.
2017-03 Wikimedia Foundation Wikimedia strategy meeting Berlin Flights, accommodation, lunches directly covered by the WMF. Other costs, including an extended stay for tourism/visiting family, were covered by myself.


Date Org Activity Location Expenses
2016-11 Wikimedia Foundation FDC R1 deliberations San Francisco Flights, accommodation, lunches directly covered. Reimbursed US$185.60 for local travel and subsistence (per diems).
2016-07 Wikimedia Foundation Wikimania Esino Lario Partial scholarship, covering accommodation and subsistence. Immediately before this, I attended a work meeting in the Nederlands, for which I've claimed travel; the remaining travel to Italy and other costs were covered by myself.
2016-05 Wikimedia Foundation FDC R2 deliberations Warsaw Flights, accommodation, lunches directly covered. Reimbursed £83.92 for travel and subsistence.


Date Org Activity Location Expenses
2015-11 Wikimedia Foundation FDC R1 deliberations San Francisco Flights, accommodation, lunches directly covered. USD$127.65 per diem covering evening meals and one lunch (it also covered local travel costs). I extended the trip after the deliberations at my own cost (except for 2 work days at Caltech, Pasadena, expenses for which I have claimed from the University of Manchester).
2015-07 Wikimedia Foundation Wikimania Mexico City Accommodation (excluding 2 days), flights, and some meals directly covered. Claimed per diem of $177 = £102.
2015-04 Lancaster University Editathon Lancaster Claimed for £33.50, consisting of £27.50 mileage and £5 parking


Date Org Activity Location Expenses
2014-11 WMUK Volunteer strategy gathering Birmingham Mileage (£77) and parking (£9) reimbursed, total £86.
2014-11 WMUK SpotON conference London Fuel (£60.24), car parking (£2) and tube travel (£6) reimbursed, total £68.24
2014-08 N/A Wikimania London Hotel and registration paid for myself.
2014-09 WMUK Zooniverse editathon Portsmouth Travel from Manchester to Winchester and back, 440 miles, £140 reimbursed.
2014-05 WMF FDC R2 deliberations Frankfurt, Germany Directly covered: Flights (USD 300.20), accommodation, some meals
Per diem: £154.57 (covered other meals and travel)
2014-04 WMF Wikimedia Conference attendance Berlin, Germany Directly covered: Flight (USD 499), accommodation, food at conference.
Expenses claimed: travel to/from airports and food at airports only, £128.37.
2014-03-05 WMUK Living Paths steering group meeting Ruthin Manchester, UK £18 for 20x20=40 miles at 45p/mile for the aborted journey to Ruthin (canceled due to bad weather)
2014-02-04 WMF WMDE site visit Berlin, Germany Directly covered: Flight (USD 495.40).
Expenses claimed: accommodation (£292.30; directly covered accommodation refused due to cost); UK travel (£38.90). Other expenses covered using excess Milan FDC meeting per diem (see below).
2014-01-28 WMUK Welsh training coordinator interviews Wrexham, UK Travel to Wrexham and back (51*2=102 miles. 45p/mile = £45.90); additional travel allowance for passenger on WMUK business (46*2=92 miles. 5p/mile = £4.60); parking (£3); lunch (£6.30). Total: £59.80.
N/A WMUK Poster print, prize for 'best survey' in Wikipedia Takes Chester N/A N/A


Date Org Activity Description
2013-12-08 WMUK SSL certificate Auto-renew; payment details are being changed to avoid this in the future!. £11.99.
2013-11-16 WMF FDC meeting, San Francisco Directly covered: flight (USD 800), accommodation (5xUSD176.50+taxes) and per diem (USD200) for the duration of the meeting.

Extended stay: Will be reimbursed by the University of Manchester or covered by me personally.

2013-11-12 WMUK Living Paths steering group meeting Travel from Manchester to Crewe and back (2x36 miles), £32.50
2013-08-13 WMF Wikimania Hong Kong Directly covered: flight (USD 1780), accommodation (HKD 13,860), registration fee (TBC) and per diem (HKD 3460 / USD 460)
2013-07-15 WMUK Board meeting July 2013 Directly covered: accommodation (TBC)

Reimbursed: GBP 114.05. Comprises travel to London and back, and local subsistence.

2013-06-26 WMUK Living Paths interviews in Wrexham Reimbursed: GBP 51.00. Comprises travel to Wrexham and back, and car parking.
2013-06-19 WMUK Wici Cymru meeting on behalf of WMUK in Ruthin Reimbursed: GBP 55.80. Comprises travel to Ruthin and back.
2013-06-06 WMUK National Library of Scotland Wikimedian in Residence interviews in Edinburgh and AGM in Lincoln Directly covered: hotel in Lincoln (TBC)

Reimbursed: GBP 280.27. Comprises travel to Edinburgh, then Lincoln, then back to Manchester; car parking; subsistence; hotel in Edinburgh.

2013-05-11 WMUK Board meeting May 2013 Reimbursed: GBP 145.57. Comprises travel to and within London, overnight accommodation, and subsistence. (ref: 2013-753)
2013-04-20 WMF FDC meeting, Milan Directly covered: flight (USD 373), accommodation (unknown cost) and per diem (5 days, €300)

My actual expenses were less than the per diem; the excess was used instead of claiming for expenses incurred during the WMDE site visit in February 2014.

2013-04-13 WMUK wmuk:GLAM-WIKI 2013 Directly covered: registration fees and one night in a hotel (~GBP 78)

Reimbursed: GBP 114.90. Consists of travel by car to London (at the lower rate of 25p/mile), car parking, Tube travel and refreshments, as well as postage to the office from March. (ref: 2013-669)

2013-03-23 WMUK Strategy workshop event Reimbursed: GBP 97.88. Consists of travel by train/tram/underground to London, and refreshments. (ref: 2013-649)
2013-03-14 WMUK TWAM WiR interviews Reimbursed: GBP 114.90. Consists of travel by private car; car parking; and refreshments. Purpose was to interview candidates for the TWAM WiR position. (ref: 2013-729)
2013-02-24 WMUK Train the Trainers Reimbursed: GBP 276.40. (ref: 2013-557) Consists of meal for all attendees and trainers and car parking during the same meal. No travel expenses claimed. Course costs covered by WMUK.
2013-02-12 WMUK Board meeting February 2013 Reimbursed: GBP 137.13. (ref: 2013-726) Comprises travel to London (£77.30), travel within London (£8.40), meal for three (£39.09 - myself, Doug and John B.) and subsistence (£12.34). WMUK directly covered the costs of hotel (£115.44), lunches and Sat evening meal.
2013-02-12 WMUK QRpedia domain names Reimbursed: GBP 18.47. (ref: 2013-517). Comprises (£11.39 for 1 year) and (£7.08 for 2 years). Domains have been subsequently transferred to WMUK.
2013-02-02 WMUK Media training Reimbursed: GBP 149.04. (ref: 2013-535). Comprises hotel (£65), train (£77.30) and a meal (£6.74). WMUK organised the course and paid the course costs directly.
2013-01-22 WMUK Postage to office Reimbursed: GBP 8.05. (ref: 2012-396 2013-727)


Date Description Amount Notes
03/01/12 Skype call (3 Jan meeting) £15.20
08/01/12 OTRS workshop £19.09
20/01/12 Events organiser interview £120.17
06/02/12 domain name £12.59
18/02/12 wikilovesmonuments domain names £14.16
05/04/12 Domain name credits £204.00
15/04/12 Board meeting + finance meeting £148.02
15/04/12 Driving to meet Roger + Andrew for treasurer handover £66.75
15/04/12 Exec meeting, WMUK office £83.94
20/03/12 John Rylands meeting £28.95
15/04/12 Extra costs at Exec meeting, WMUK office £5.79
22/04/12 Board meeting, Monmouth £140.48 Accommodation paid for directly by WMUK
08/05/12 Skype call (board meeting) £7.05
08/05/12 Phone calls (March, April, May) £45.12
09/05/12 renewal £30.32
13/05/12 £7.08
13/05/12 AGM attendance £162.67 (Ref: 2012-14)
08/06/12 Phone calls (May) £10.87
04/07/12 Wikimania per diem £330.00 Flights paid for directly by WMUK (cost of £691.91, ref: 2012-1)
05/07/12 June-July board meeting £215.48 (ref: 2013-730)
14/08/12 Wikimania/San Francisco £433.92 (ref: 2012-180) Attendance at Wikimania 2012, also a stay in San Francisco visiting the WMF offices
14/08/12 Developer interview £122.25 (ref: 2012-38)
14/08/12 Developer interview (extra receipts) £8.75 (ref: 2012-180)
08/09/12 Coventry board meeting, September 2012 £86.50 (ref: 2012-158) Accommodation paid for directly by WMUK.
07/10/12 London meeting with Sue Gardner / Garfield Byrde / etc. £163.37 (ref: 2012-194)
27/10/12 FDC deliberations, San Francisco N/A Flights and hotel paid for directly. 4 days of per diem received, adding up to $120. All from WMF.
06/11/12 Companies House Annual Return £13.00 (ref: 2013-728)
16/11/12 SSL certificate £11.99 (ref: 2012-247)
23/11/12 £12.59 (ref: 2012-281)
23/11/12 Board meeting November 2012 £136.40 Comprises travel and food, including one meal for four trustees (ref: 2012-378). Accommodation paid for directly by WMUK (at the cost of £166.30 for 2 nights, ref: 2012-232)


Date Description Amount Notes
27/01/11 British Library £163.00
27/01/11 Phone top-up £10.00
01/02/11 CRUK £95.00
04/02/11 Board meeting £212.85
22/02/11 domain name £10.67
22/03/11 Pull-up banner £112.80
10/04/11 Pull-up banner £112.80
30/04/11 Wikipedia leaflets to British Library £4.41
07/07/11 Brooks visit £42.30
08/07/11 Pull-up banner £112.80
12/03/11 Board meeting – skype call (March 1) £50.94
12/03/11 wikimedia domain names £14.16
07/04/11 Chapters Conference attendance £359.57
07/04/11 CRUK workshop £136.90
11/04/11 Welcome to Wikipedia leaflets £22.70
16/04/11 AGM attendance £119.00
26/04/11 Board meeting – skype call (April 26) £12.65
10/06/11 £11.31
15/06/11 Royal Society £23.80
01/03/11 dotAstronomy £309.80
14/06/11 June board meeting + LSE £150.05
25/07/11 25 July board meeting call £16.59
09/07/11 Travel to July exec board meeting £25.50
23/07/11 CILIP advance to Oliver £58.05
09/08/11 9 August 2011 exec meeting £6.36
24/08/11 Chief Exec shortlisting £83.24
27/08/11 27 August 2011 Derby meeting £99.80
01/09/11 Science Online London £165.20
09/09/11 Chief exec 2nd interview £109.10
11/09/11 Chief exec test wikimeet £109.99
18/09/11 18 September exec meeting £75.00
19/09/11 domain £11.39
20/09/11 WikiSym registration fees £465.46
27/09/11 Girl Geeks cake £20.00
11/10/11 11 October exec meeting £12.43
12/10/11 Elections in Europe microgrant £129.54
12/10/11 Copyright law microgrant £227.31
16/10/11 16 October (EGM) £136.00
24/10/11 GLAMcamp £123.31
05/11/11 31 Oct fundraising meeting £15.54
09/11/11 SSL certificate £11.99
10/11/11 Shore Establishments of the Royal Navy £22.65
21/11/11 £12.59
21/11/11 SSL certificate £11.99
08/01/12 OTRS workshop £796.60
20/11/11 Board meeting £81.30
04/12/11 GLAMcamp Amsterdam £29.00 Per diem of €60(?) received from WMUK, and flights and accommodation paid for directly. Extra costs are due to a taxi ride home incurred due to a delayed flight.
30/12/11 £11.39


Date Description Amount Notes
08/01/10 Travel to London – BLW meeting £51.00
29/01/10 BLW leaflets for V&A £97.00
10/02/10 BLW leaflets – rest £208.00
19/04/10 Chapters Conference £572.08 The costs for this meeting were significantly increased due to the eruption of a volcano. The expenses were reimbursed from funds provided via a WMF grant.
24/04/10 AGM travel £60.00
29/05/10 WMUK phone £49.99 Purchase of a dedicated phone (previous costs were related to a donated phone)
04/06/10 Backstage Pass lunches £140.84
06/06/10 Seddon's travel to JISC Wikipedia talks £18.50
25/06/10 Hoxne Hoard lunches £37.66
11/09/10 In-person board meeting £60.00
23/10/10 Admin costs (inc. CM interview) £53.56
23/10/10 Eventbrite fees £26.05
02/11/10 Telephone calls £36.03
04/12/10 BLW domain name £10.45
04/12/10 General supplies £371.45
04/12/10 GLAM-WIKI £653.15


Date Description Amount Notes
26/04/09 Wikimedia UK domain names £11.50
10/09/09 Pictures in Public conference £48.00
15/10/09 National Archives £61.50
22/10/09 Public Catalogue Foundation £60.00
23/10/09 Tate Gallery £61.60
10/11/09 Courtauld / MLA / British Museum / NPG £72.00
26/11/09 Digital Treasures conference £26.60
19/12/09 BLW domain name £10.22


Date Description Amount Notes
27/10/08 WMUK company formation – travel to Derby £18.00
08/12/08 WMUK Mobile phone credit £10.00