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User:Marjan Tomki SI/Links to docs etc pages, that I want remembered and accessible from different devices


  • Help:System message: at the moment needed for about mediaviewer; related to-do would be also slower timing (or manual stepping thorugh) for pictures which show timelines on maps. For complex things (and possible in several languages) default speed could be too fast, but I'm even not sure if mediaviewer is currently supported.
I wanted to create this subpage - and related link on mediawiki, but my homepage was not editable there, because it was shown from here, where it can be edited. But... the link I had copied was to mediawiki help, here (luckily) I get message it was moved there and offered to click to the moved page. Also, there links to subpages here don't work, but link to the page from where (or here) that contents was copied works, so it's currently usable, and I shall unscramble this mess in in the future if I find time.