Hereby I myself as Mardetanha want to confirm my recusal comment.

I am very familiar with topic which my opposer arose while my election, so I would like to say my words to all Wikimedia foundation respected editors.

Note: I consider "recuse" to mean any usage of tools, not just "recuse" from farsi Wikipedia cases.This includes CU, OS and use of admin tools in any situation that we have Iranian participant

These are the cases that I think I would be inclined to recuse. In all of the beneath cases I am committed to not perform any kind of Steward actions including CU or OS.

  1. Any case related to Farsi projects of Wikimedia Foundation (Farsi wikipedia, Farsi wikisource, Farsi Wikibooks, Farsi Wikiquote, Farsi Wiktionary, etc)
  2. Any cases related to project which major contributor(s) from Iran, such as azwiki and kurdish wiki
  3. Any CU or OS cases on project which have local CU or OS, so steward are not needed to perform action
  4. Any case that involve any Iranian user or any user who is from Iran.
  5. I will stop immediately when I see that an investigation requires investigating Iranian people.

So hereby I reconfirm that if I performed any action which was against above mentioned commitments my steward flag to be removed.

Moreover, I am committed to having a different password for my meta account (which would be my steward account) with all of my other accounts. I will also always use for logging in and performing steward actions.--Mardetanha talk 14:17, 5 February 2009 (UTC)