Wikimedians I metEdit


Having an opportunity to attend the ESEAP Conference 2018 was actually surprising. My application was a bit late and I would like to thank WMID for considering me. It's my first time to attend an international conference and the experience was overwhelming. The time is limited but I have learned a lot.

  • Attending a conference like ESEAP is very important. It's a platform for learning new things. As a newbie, I realized that it's essential to collaborate with other communities to be able to share experiences and help each other. Really, there is unity in diversity.
  • The sessions were helpful because it allows me to have an in-depth knowledge and to see the bigger picture. It made me realize that i need to learn a lot of things.
  • It inspires me to do my best. PhilWiki Community has a lot of potentials and I want to be part of it through active participation in online and offline activities.


  1. I would like to improve my online and offline contributions.
  2. To collaborate with educational institutions.
  3. To encourage teachers and students to contribute.
  4. To conduct basic tutorials.
  5. To build relationship with under-represented regions within the Wikimedia community for future collaborations.


  1. The two-day conference was not enough. Maybe 3 or more to give room for relaxation and be able to understand the topics well.
  2. The venue was nice and conducive.Kinda sad for not having a chance to swim and enjoy the swimming pool area.
  3. The cultural show was impressive. It would be great if there's a one day tour in Bali.
  4. I appreciate the use of for evaluation.
  5. WMID and the committee did a great job. It was a memorable experience and I miss everyone!