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Education Program

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Participant support
While recognizing that each education program operates in a unique context with different sets of participants, there are guidelines each program should take into consideration. Built on global best practices and years of experience, these guidelines will help your educators and students have a positive experience using Wikimedia in their classrooms:

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Teaching and Assignments

Students of a variety of ages and levels have improved Wikipedia and the sister projects by contributing photos, videos, animations, illustrations, and sound recordings in addition to research and translations. Program leaders and educators can be creative when designing student assignments. In this section you can learn how others have done this before through case studies, sample assignments and projects reports.


Problem solving
Contributors, new and old, can run into unforseen conflicts when editing Wikimedia projects, and students are no different. Some of these problems are small and easy to fix, others may require more coordination and troubleshooting. A little preparation will go a long ways towards preventing common pitfalls that previous education programs have made. Not all problems can be anticipated, but being aware of these best practices can help to quickly resolve conflicts if they occur, and allow your students to focus on adding high quality content.