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Program Capacity and Learning

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Program Capacity and Learning is an integrated team in the Community Engagement department at the WMF. This team combines staff from The Wikipedia Library, the Wikipedia Education Program, and Learning and Evaluation teams. This page includes the integrated team's mission, scope, and new projects. We would love your input. Please review the information on this page and comment in the discussion page.

Program Capacity and Learning: Our missionEdit

Community leaders are vital members of the Wikimedia movement because they spark engagement through Wikimedia programs, bringing content to Wikimedia projects. Through programs, community leaders also build bridges to new opportunities and overcome challenges. Our team empowers community leaders to understand, run, and grow Wikimedia programs.

Broadly, the team's scope is in the following areas:

  • We focus on community leadership development and building capacity.
  • We provide tools and infrastructure to support program growth and knowledge sharing.
  • We help programs make the transition from experimental practice to systematized success.
  • We support the development of Wikimedia affiliates and connect them with movement partners.

Meet the Team Edit

Learning and EvaluationEdit

Education, Libraries and GLAMEdit