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Contribute what you know about running consultations in your community.
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  • Plan enough time to create the content of the consultation, and understand how much time it will take for you to coordinate with different experts and stakeholders. Ask someone with experience about how much time each stage of the consultation will take, and work with the different people involved to make sure everyone agrees to your timeline.
  • Define a clear scope of themes that you need information about. Be clear about what parts of the scope you are able to change, and what has already been decided in advance. You want to get information you can act on. Framing your questions clearly and specifically is one way to get information you can act on. Simple, short, and direct questions like "What are your concerns about this idea?" and "What do you like about this idea?" got some of the best feedback when addressed to the right audience.
  • Bring in survey expertise, and keep survey experts involved in developing the content of the consultation. This will help the team design effective questions that will get the exact information you need, and balance the advice of the survey expert with other priorities. Your survey experts can also help your team make a plan to analyze the consultation content in advance, to make sure you will get the exact information you need through the consultation.
  • Make a process to make sure everyone on your team agrees about the content of the consultation. Think of the criteria to pick / veto / modify questions, and focus discussions around that.
  • Make your consultation accessible to people who speak different languages. Consider translating important questions and inviting participants to answer in any language. You may need time to coordinate requests for community translations and reach out to the translators community both on email lists and on Meta, through the function Notify Translators. Find out what languages are relevant for your audience. If you have responses in more than one language, you will need to translate them to one language for analysis. If you can't get something translated, apologize that you may be not using the reader's own/favourite language.