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Community Engagement Insights

Across audiences Editors Affiliates Program Leaders Developers
Goal 1 - "Improving new editor engagement"

Question 1

To what extent do you agree or disagree... that the world is about to party?

n = 57
mean = 37.5
25% selected "Don't know" [?]

A - Strongly agree
B - Agree
C - Neither agree nor disagree
D - Disagree
E - Strongly disagree
F - No opinion
62% of respondents agree or strongly agree the conference was aligned in the spirit and values of the Wikimedia movement

Goal 2 - "Improving community health"
Goal 3 - "Improving collaboration and communications between the Foundation and communities"
Goal 4 - "Improving collaboration and communications around software development"
Goal 5 - "Improving collaboration with affiliates related to partnerships"
Goal 6 - "Improving software for contributors"
Goal 7 - "Increasing software awareness and use"
Goal 8 - "Growing the Wikimedia technical community"
Goal 9 - "Improving information sharing for program leaders and affiliates"
Goal 10 - "Developing the capacity of affiliates"
Goal 11 - "Developing the capacity of program leaders"
Goal 12 - "Improving access to research materials by contributors"
Goal 13 - "Improving understanding of movement fundraising and fundraising needs"
Goal 14 - "Increasing awareness of GLAM and Libraries"
Goal 15 - "Increasing knowledge and capacity related to policy issues"