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This script adds an extra Special-page called "What leaves here", and a link in the toolbox next to "What links here". This tool enables you list all outgoing page links, image links, external links, categories and transclusions on the page. A bit like WhatLinksHere which lists all incoming page links, image links and transclusions. Can be filtered by namespace as well.


  • Paste this code in common.js on your local wiki, or in global.js on Meta to use it everywhere you go:
The [[File:Krinkle_WhatLeavesHere.js]] line is used for statistics.
  • Now browse to an article and click "What leaves here" in the toolbox.
  •   Done :-)

If you encounter any issues, please let me know!


If you experience any issues or have suggestions for how something could be better, let me know by filing an issue.

Install as Gadget

(These instructions are for sysops who can edit in the MediaWiki:-namespace)

  • Copy the the Install snippet to your wiki's MediaWiki:Gadget-WhatLeavesHere.js (just like when you would install it in your user script)
  • Create MediaWiki:Gadget-WhatLeavesHere with something like the following:
''What leaves here'': A Special page for extracting all links from the current page. Accessible from the Toolbox. 
  • Then add a line in MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition somewhere with:
    * WhatLeavesHere[ResourceLoader]|WhatLeavesHere.js 

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