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This script integrates information from CVNBot into the on-wiki experience. It tells you about users currently on the cross-wiki watchlist, users that were recently blocked on other wikis, or users that until recently were blocked on the current wiki.

It applies this information in Recent changes, Watchlist, Page history. It also shows it on the "User" and "User talk" pages.

When patrolling edits in SWMT (or another CVN channel), and clicking on the edit of a blacklisted user, then CVNSimpleOverlay tool will automatically fetch the "reason" for the blacklisting and add a tooltip to the username on the "Diff" page. This means you don't have to run as many intel commands with CVNBot.


  • Paste this code in common.js on your local wiki, or in global.js on Meta to use it everywhere you go:
The [[File:Krinkle_CVNSimpleOverlay_wiki.js]] line is used for statistics.
  •   Done :-)

If you encounter any issues, please let me know!


On history pages, watchlists and recent changes, blacklisted usernames are highlighted. When hovering the username the reason and adder are shown.
Globally watched pagenames are indicated as such when viewing the page or it's history.
When viewing a user-specific page (like userpage, usertalkpage, user contributions or user-log) a box is added to the top right with information about the user's status in the CVN database.


If you experiences any issues, have suggestions for how something could be better, have a good idea for a feature request – or want to report a bug ? Please leave a message on my Tools-talkpage.

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