Kilank Paul
Product Engineer, Ausquerry
" be constantly dissatisfied, and seek for better "

About me

my background in product engineer and design started in college where I studied chemical Engineering, and did my research on green technology. Working extensively on bio fuel, and making modification on my bioreactor ( As their aren't bespoke one yet) I came to appreciate design and it usefulness. Not feeling satisfied , I took on the task of teaching my self how to code, mostly due to my windows Pc slowing down and I wanting to write an new, lighter Os for it. I went on work on implementing algorithms independently of college curriculum-- for side projects. I, and my Friend ( Ugo) founded an Education platform ( Funton ) to help Students in Nigeria find and match universities to their results and cachement area. And view their prospective schools in full view. I featured as lead designer and with Ugo created " Whitecane" a design product for the blind ; to navigate environments unaided. The core focus around all my experiences and work is meaningful design which evokes useful technology. And effective they could be used for good.

My work

After leaving college, I went on to work with a few Media companies -- Kastede and Troll magic Media -- where I managed media outreach programs and had my first experience with multimedia editing and distribution. I did some time with Berger paints, where I managed the colors and matte production in varied , small quantities. I am a product engineer for the software firm Mymia( An animation/ digital platform)

Disclaimer: My organisation don't vet all my activities, and edits, statements, or other contributions made by this account may not reflect the views of Ausquerry.

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