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On Sunday August 15th user ErikvanB nominated two pages, nl:Huang Xianfan and nl:Zhuangstudie for deletion, citing poor use of language and the sheer wikipedia precence. Simular articles exist on (according to the nominator) 160 wiki's. Contributors to these pages are usually quite singleminded and contrubute to (virtually) nothing else. As evidence for his claim, ErikvanB provided the following excerpt of his findings

The same user, also alerted me to a few interesting remarks, zuch as user Xiyang being blocked for sockpuppetry and the discussion on Huang Xianfan, where people wondered how Huang Xianfan appears on more wikipedia projects than Mao Zedong. Which is remarkable, to say the least. The discussion of whether or not these are automatic translations also yields some interesting information:

  • [1] Bulgarians are asking questions and think the language of the article is indicative of a machine translation
  • [2] In japan, the language is called funny japanese.
  • [3] Latvians also have these doubts.

Anonymous contributionsEdit

Given the subject matter, it is not unexpected that a majority of anonymous contributors comes from china. What is a bit weird, and telling, is that all of them come from two networks: Hurricane Electric, Inc. and CHINANET Guangxi. If this person were as wellknown as the spread of the articles on wikipedia suggests, i would expect to see more providers hosting anonymous contributors. Instead, there's only 2.


These are the finding as provided by nl:Gebruiker:ErikvanB.

Article Wiki Created Created by Remarks
af:Huang Xianfan af june 2009 Professor
ak:Huang Xianfan ak 2010 Beringer
ang:Huang Siānfan ang july 2009 Volkker
bar:Huang Xianfan bar february 2010 Agneichs
bcl:Huang Xianfan bcl june 2009 Klindondon
ca:Huang Xianfan ca may 2009 Histò
cdo:Uòng Hiêng-huàng cdo 2009 Cháung-gióng-ciā
da:Huang Xianfan da may 2009 Prette
de:Huang Xianfan de may 2009 Werke max
en:Huang Xianfan en april 2009 Xiyang blocked for use of sockpuppets
es:Huang Xianfan es may 2009 Clous
fi:Huang Xianfan fi may 2009 Käyttä
fr:Huang Xianfan fr april 2009 Xiyang
fy:Huang Xianfan fy june 2009 Nijeste
it:Huang Xianfan it april 2009 Parper
la:Huang Xianfan la mei 2009 Christian la
li:Huang Xianfan li juni 2009 Scherma
mt:Huang Xianfan mt may 2009 Kotbas
w:nl:Huang Xianfan nl 12 may 2009 Gekoze
pl:Huang Xianfan pl april 2009 Shiqing
pt:Huang Xianfan pt may 2009 Kerlaker
ru:Хуан Сяньфань ru may 2009 小桥人家
sv:Huang Xianfan sv may 2009 Giammoin


The following is a breakdown of contributions by user. Users who have contributed to only one project were omitted, as were (most of the) bots, at least, those i could confirm were actual bots. The table was composed by a tool called Droopy, which i constructed for the occasion...

Usernames in red denote users who's only contributions (worldwide) are to the article in question or related matters uzhc as creating categories to hold the article, inserting it into list of anthropologists, etc. The green usernames denote those that were detected, but contribute to a wide range of subjects.

User Edits (total) Projects Remarks
Spamiut 9 da id ms pt ro vi zh
Busisi 13 bm en ga yo zh blocked for sockpuppetry. See en:Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/Qiwengong/Archive
Aŭtomadd 8 eo nov zh
Võitnimä 5 fiu-vro zh
Guaka 2 bm en
Uceţi 13 mt ro zh 2 en zh CHINANET Guangxi 21 CHINANET Guangxi 4 ca fi pt zh CHINANET Guangxi
Loveless 71 als an ang ar az be be-x-old bi ca ceb co da de el eo es et eu fr fy gl he hr ia id ja jbo ko ku kw la lb lt mk ms nds pl ps ro ru scn sh sk sl sq su th tr uk uz vi vo wa zh-yue interwiki fixer. 14 bi bs cbk-zam dsb eo ext fo ht kab mi tw Hurricane Electric, Inc.
Agneichs 2 bar tw 21 de en es fi fr gan id it ja ko la nl pl pt ru simple vi wuu zh zh-yue
Phishn 8 gl hr sl zh
Klindondon 6 bcl pam zh
黄英雄 3 jbo zh
偶做前堂客 45 ja zh zh-classical
Φουσοι 3 en es zh
韦一民 11 en za zh
Parper 32 en fr gan it pl wuu zh zh-yue 3 es fi it CHINANET Guangxi
Sčia 8 lt lv zh
Томатич 36 ar bg ca da de en es fi fr gan id it ja ko la ms mt nl pl pt ro ru simple sr sv tr uk vi wuu za zh zh-yue
Käyttä 11 fi zh
Čállisa 10 is se 4 ja zh CHINANET Guangxi, Likely, but no clear cut case.
РобоСтася 2 ru uk 6 ja zh-classical CHINANET Guangxi 15 en es it ja ko la ru simple vi zh CHINANET Guangxi
Qiwengong 85 en ja zh zh-classical blocked for sockpuppetry. Uploaded images used.
Jakferwold 4 en nrm blocked for sockpuppetry.
Kongfuzi 17 bi co en tw 3 ja zh zh-classical CHINANET Guangxi
Mercy 3 ch tw
Силам 5 uk zh
Purbo T 13 ast bat-smg br bs fiu-vro fy gl ksh ms sq sr tl zh-yue 2 en fr CHINANET Guangxi
Apjev 3 sq zh
Huangwenkuei 102 af bcl be be-x-old bg cbk-zam ceb ch cv eo es et eu fa fi fiu-vro fr fy gan gd gl he hr hsb id ilo io is it ja ko ksh ku la lb li lt lv mk ms mt nds nds-nl nl oc pam pl ps pt qu ro ru scn sco se sh simple sk sl sq sr stq sv sw tl tr uk vi wa war wuu za zh zh-yue 3 ja pl CHINANET Guangxi
Másinzión 11 an az bat-smg zh 3 fr za CHINANET Guangxi
MacTire02 3 ga gv
Eastfrisian 6 de en nds nl
Superzerocool 4 ceb de fiu-vro lad
EVula 17 de en fr gan it ja ko pl simple wuu zh zh-yue
Cooplaig 3 gv zh 7 en ja pl CHINANET Guangxi
Ptbotgourou 9 fiu-vro fr gan ko pl vi wuu za zh-yue Bot?
Slb nsk 3 en ru
Wóaderdets 4 dsb el jv Mainly occupied by creation of categories.
Nijeste 7 fy mi zh
Kebaikan 7 id ilo
Werke max 46 de en es fr gan gn it ja pt ru simple vi wuu za zh zh-yue
बीजिंग 10 bn mr sa
Nýgftr 5 fo frp
Jäjeaa 4 ksh zh
Volkker 27 ang fr ht tw zh
Henlebury 53 en es fi fr gan id it ja ko ms nl pl pt ru simple sv uk vi wuu za zh zh-yue
Biŋhai 5 en za
Zhuangzhuang 48 ar en es fi fr gan id it ja ko la ms nl pl ru simple vi wuu za zh zh-yue 3 nds zh CHINANET Guangxi
本是后山人 11 zh zh-classical
Aizvē 10 bg ca cs et lv
Michaello 35 ar bg ca cs da de en es et fi fr id it ja ko la lv ms mt nl pl pt ro ru simple sr sv tr uk vi wuu za zh zh-yue Benign (interwiki fixer) 4 bg nl CHINANET Guangxi
Abını 6 az zh 20 Hurricane Electric, Inc.
Asbós 3 oc zh
Knol2010 4 en zh 3 ja zh CHINANET Guangxi 9 en fr gan wuu zh-yue CHINANET Guangxi
Smartmause 11 el en gan he hi ja mn th yi za zh-yue
Red Winged Duck 3 be-x-old en
Méifo 5 lb li
Kahuroa 7 en mi
Пдтавьь 15 bcl be bs os zh
Kokobe 6 eu ja zh 2 bi tw Hurricane Electric, Inc. 5 de en es fr la CHINANET Guangxi
Awsxz 6 als zh
Zhxy 519 15 en zh 2 co zh CHINANET Guangxi 3 es zh CHINANET Guangxi 2 en es CHINANET Guangxi
Здік 7 kk so
Aenutse 4 stq zh
Gekoze 11 en nl zh zh-yue 3 hr zh CHINANET Guangxi 5 en fr ja pl zh CHINANET Guangxi 5 de en ja la CHINANET Guangxi
Ašćik 5 hsb zh
D'arc'ho 5 br zh
Glasoaa 3 hr zh
Nineshare 3 blocked for sockpuppetry
Wutsje 2 af hsb 2 en ja CHINANET Guangxi
Stoigniew 79 be be-x-old bi ca cv da de es fi ht id it kk la mn ms mt nl os pl pms pt ro simple sr tg tw uk wa
李国威 9 zh zh-classical
Skyfiler 20 ast az be en ja zh
Kerlaker 14 ca mt pt zh
Andres 4 en et
Icesea 9 bi co ilo ksh mi nds-nl se vo yo
Xiyang 76 de en fr gan it ja mt nl pl ru wuu zh-yue Notability discussion on fr, blocked for sockpuppetry
Alaniaris 3 el en
Tailert 4 sco zh
Пољпод 8 sr uk zh
Višin 3 bs zh