User:Jerzy/Jerzy accounts

Colored backgrounds indicate accounts that are:

  • (Pinkish): currently controlled by others
  • (Green): usurped, presumably in light of lack of edits
  • (Blue): usurped despite contribs, per inactivity and consent by silence

(Hmm, it seems I've neglected this record, and that another has come under my control, without my having noticed and reflected the changes. I'm still not treating it as urgent.)--Jerzyt 04:06, 27 February 2019 (UTC)

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Non-WMF wiki:

On most Wikimedia Foundation projects, [[User:Jerzy]] encodes a link to one of the accounts that will be in the "Jerzy" unified account whose "home account" (my term for the unified acct's constituent account on the unified acct's "home wiki") is en:w:User:Jerzy.

My most significant involvement by far with the WmF is as en:User:Jerzy on the English-language Wikipedia. That has led me into minor editing on other English (and Simple English) projects, Meta, and de:, and i occasionally create accounts (and perhaps have created user and user-talk pages) when i use other projects for research without participating in editing or discussing articles.

The following Jerzy accounts are or have been controlled, and used to edit, by other editors:

  1. commons:User:Jerzy Wikimedia Commons
  2. cs:User:Jerzy Czech-language Wikipedia
  3. nl:User:Jerzy Nederlands-language ("Dutch") Wikipedia (which has since been "usurped" to me)
  4. v:es:User:Jerzy Spanish-language Wikiversity: no currently listed edits; perhaps the only edit was on an article since deleted.
  5. da:User:Jerzy Danish-language Wikipedia
  6. uk:User:Jerzy Ukrainian-language Wikipedia

I plan to place (or negotiate placement for) a disambiguation-page like box on the [[User:Jerzy]] and [[User talk:Jerzy]] page of each of these, when their long-term control becomes clear.

The full complement of my accounts is listed by the SUL username collisions detector, along with any (3, as of 2008 June 29) still controlled by others.