User:Jayanta (CIS-A2K)/Quarterly Plans for 2022-23

Second Quarter Plan (October to December 2022) edit

  1. Indic Wikisource Proodread-a-thon November 2022 preparation
  2. Indic Wikisource community Newsletter August September 2022
  3. Online meet-up for Indic Wikisource Community.
  4. CMR reparation of all Indic Wikisource
  5. Preparation of Gujarati Wikisource month for November
  6. Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil Wikisource Skill building workshop preparation and co-ordination (planning)
  7. Reliance task for support and co-coordination.
  8. Scanning technical help and review of all scans.
  9. Next Wikisource "Malayalam Wikisource of the month" preparation for "December"