User:Jasper Deng/Global IRC bans

Very rough proposed policy regarding the use of the new +j extban functionality on freenode.


Bans would be shared from a new central channel #wikimedia-bans; other channels opt in by setting /mode #channel +b $j:#wikimedia-bans. This decision is up to the local community of the channel. Note that these bans can only prevent /join; if an offending user is still in the channel, he or she must still be kicked. This does not work for +q. eir may or may not be used here. AntiSpamMeta should not need adaptation, since most global bans would be called for by local operators anyways.

Access to #wikimedia-bansEdit

All ops can join and get +v, but only GCs and certain other trusted users should have access to +o in order to set and unset bans obeyed by other channels. Criteria for access to operator status in the channel by non-GCs, if any, should include at least 2 years of operator experience in at least 2-3 official Wikimedia IRC channels.

Permitted useEdit

Bans set in #wikimedia-bans should be used when local operator actions are not enough to stop disruption to Wikimedia channels as a whole, particularly channel-hoppers. They should not be set to excessively long durations because of the potential collateral damage.