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Description of how the idea for this logo developed edit


The square brackets "[[]]" similar to those in the MediaWiki logo refer to wiki-syntax, but when connected with dotted lies the overall impression is that of an open book. The directed arrows coming out of a circle are inspired by the Wikimedia Commons Logo, and refer to the collaborative nature of wikis. But unlike commons with is a common resource for all other WikiMedia projects, WikiBooks sources all other project to produce a coherentset of material (a book) that 'is box-in". therefore the central space is a square, but the top and bottom edges are not whole, because the content of wikibooks is open.

This idea was developed using the Rred/green/blue theme of other wikimedia project logos. Text was added based on what previous logo proposals did. I think that while still using the Wikimediacolors this logo is sufficiently distinct.

Yet. since it was asked not to use these colors, colors from the Tango theme where used in the final version.

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