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Below are 9 suggested images from the Commons category Images from the Groeningemuseum, some of which may be appropriate to add to the indicated articles on the 'nl' Wikipedia, based on the fact they are used in the equivalent articles on the 'fr' Wikipedia.

They were created by the GLAMify tool.


  1. Heilige_Lucas_schildert_de_Madonna,_1545,_Groeningemuseum,_0040031000.jpg ==> Lanceloot Blondeel -- already used in Lancelot_Blondeel
  2. Nacht_in_Venetië,_1895,_Groeningemuseum,_0040125001.jpg ==> William Degouve de Nuncques -- already used in William_Degouve_de_Nuncques
  3. Dorpslandschap,_circa_1811_-_circa_1842,_Groeningemuseum,_0041565000.jpg ==> Pieter-Frans De Noter -- already used in Pieter-Frans_De_Noter
  4. Portret_van_Emmanuel_de_Aranda,_1642,_Groeningemuseum,_0040769000.jpg ==> Emmanuel de Aranda -- already used in Emmanuel_d'Aranda
  5. Achilles_en_de_dochters_van_Lycomedes,_1643,_Groeningemuseum,_0040101000.jpg ==> Erasmus Quellinus II -- already used in Érasme_Quellin_le_Jeune
  6. Milo_van_Croton,_1763,_Groeningemuseum,_0040110000.jpg ==> Milo van Croton -- already used in Milon_de_Crotone
  7. Christus_aan_het_kruis_met_Maria,_Johannes_en_Maria_Magdalena,_circa_1567,_Groeningemuseum,_0040166000.jpg ==> Pieter Claeissins de Oudere -- already used in Pieter_Claeissens_l'Ancien
  8. Laatste_Avondmaal,_Gustave_van_de_Woestyne,_1927,_Groeningemuseum,_0040054000.jpg ==> Latemse Scholen -- already used in École_de_Laethem-Saint-Martin
  9. Fridolin_et_Gragapanca_d'Yperdamme,_James_Ensor,_Groeningemuseum,_1998.GRO0019.III.jpeg ==> Eugène Demolder -- already used in Eugène_Demolder