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Below are 11 suggested images from the Commons category Images from National Museum of Korea, some of which may be appropriate to add to the indicated articles on the 'en' Wikipedia, based on the fact they are used in the equivalent articles on the 'ko' Wikipedia.

They were created by the GLAMify tool.


  1. Imperial_Royal_Seal_of_the_Great_Han_Empire_01.jpg ==> Great Seal -- already used in 국새
  2. Imperial_Royal_Seal_of_the_Great_Han_Empire_02.jpg ==> Seal (emblem) -- already used in 도장
  3. Imperial_Royal_Seal_of_the_Great_Han_Empire_02.jpg ==> Great Seal -- already used in 국새
  4. 분청사기_상감_물고기_무늬_매병.jpg ==> Traditional patterns of Korea -- already used in 한국_전통문양
  5. 심득경_초상.jpg ==> Yun Du-seo -- already used in 윤두서
  6. 송시열_초상.jpg ==> Heo Mok -- already used in 허목
  7. 평양_석암리_금제_띠고리.jpg ==> History of Korea -- already used in 한국의_역사
  8. 화순_대곡리_청동기_일괄.jpg ==> History of Korea -- already used in 한국의_역사
  9. Ornamented_Sword_from_Gyerim-ro,_Gyeongju.jpg ==> Silla -- already used in 신라
  10. 무령왕릉_석수.jpg ==> Seoksu -- already used in 무령왕릉_석수
  11. 무령왕_금제관식.jpg ==> List of royal crowns -- already used in 왕관