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Below are 7 suggested images from the Commons category Voice intro project - en, some of which may be appropriate to add to the indicated articles on the 'he' Wikipedia, based on the fact they are used in the equivalent articles on the 'en' Wikipedia.

They were created by the GLAMify tool.


  1. Alexander_Graham_Bell's_Voice.ogg ==> אלכסנדר גרהם בל -- already used in Alexander_Graham_Bell
  2. Alexander_Graham_Bell's_Voice.ogg ==> הקלטה -- already used in Sound_recording_and_reproduction
  3. Stephen_Fry_voice.flac ==> סטיבן פריי -- already used in Stephen_Fry
  4. Simon_Singh_voice.ogg ==> סיימון סינג -- already used in Simon_Singh
  5. Jimmy_Wales_voice.ogg ==> ג'ימי ויילס -- already used in Jimmy_Wales
  6. Lila_Tretikov_voice.ogg ==> לילה טרטיקוב -- already used in Lila_Tretikov
  7. Ken_Scott_Voice.flac ==> קן סקוט -- already used in Ken_Scott