"Some times someones presence matters, Even if crowd gathers".

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My purpose on Wikipedia is to help create articles of the best possible quality, informative, interesting, and free of bias. Further, I will lend what analysis I can to community discussion and will try to improve Wikipedia's overall design, look, and feel. Fault me if you ever see me doing otherwise.


I like to think of myself as a dynamic individual who constantly changes - hopefully for the better - without compromising my core values. I don't like the idea of becoming stagnant, outdated, or irrelevant, so Wikipedia is pretty much a perfect fit for me.



  • Don't allow sections called "Conclusion" in Wikipedia articles. Such subheadings are, by nature, both POV and original research.

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  • Don't blindly divide categories by letter, but rather by supercategory.


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  • What is the meaning of life? And what does that question mean?
  • Where is the line between life and non-life?
  • Where does choice come from?
  • Why is life proactive, as opposed to nonlife, which simply obeys the laws of physics, without using energy to—say—defy gravity?
  • Can emotion be programmed?
  • Where do we feel?
  • Why does art move us?
  • What makes us want to be better, to have purpose?
Other worldviews. Feel free to add your own musings.