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This pages shows a list of Events where I have featured or hosted and also upcoming events.

The Wikipedia Community in Zambia
No. Event Invited Hosted Facilitated Dates
Wikimedia Events
1. Wikimania 2018 Green tickY 18th to 19th July 2018
2. WikiGoesACCT Green tickY Green tickY 10th to 12th of August 2018.
3. WikiLoves Africa Green tickY Green tickY 1st February to 1st March 2019
4. WikiIndaba conference 2019 18th to 20th January 2019
My Events
No. Wiki Goes to Livingstone Zambia
School Name of Event
1. Linda Secondary School Grants:Project/Icem4k/Outreach in Livingstone Zambia Coming Soon WikiGoesLindaSec
2. Hillcrest Technical Secondary School Coming Soon Wiki at Hillcrest
3. St. Raphael's Secondary School Coming Soon Wiki at St Raphaels Sec
No. Wiki In Lusaka Zambia
School Name of Event
1. Unza Grants:Project/Icem4k/Outreach in Lusaka Coming Soon Wiki Moves to UNZA
2. NIPA Coming Soon NIPA goes Wiki
3. Chreso University Coming soon Wiki at Chreso

Wiki Loves Africa 2019Edit


Event 1/Launch February 1, 2019Edit

Time Activity Lead Place Resources Limited number of people?
8:00–9:00 Signing in Bongo Hive Laptop/Phones No
9:00-9:45 Introduction to Wikimedia Commons

Wiki Loves Africa/Wiki Loves Love

Bong Hive Event Hall Laptop/Projector Yes!
9:45-10:15 BREAK Yes!
10:15-11:00 Photowalk Around the area All cameras Yes!
11:00-13:00 Commons upload session Bongo Hive Event Hall Laptop/Internet Yes!

Event 2/Upload Session February 15, 2019Edit

Time Activity Lead Place Resources Limited number of people?
8:00–9:00 Signing in Bongo Hive Laptop/Phones No
09:00-10:00 Intoduction to Wikipedia and the

Wikimedia Foundation

Bongo Hive Event Hall Laptop/Projector Yes!
10:00-11:00 BREAK Yes!
11:00-12:00 Commons upload session Bongo Hive Laptops Yes!
12:00 - 13:00 Introduction to Wikitongues Bongo Hive Laptop/Projector Yes!

Event 3/Closing February 23, 2019Edit

Time Activity Lead Place Resources Limited number of people?
8:00–9:00 Signing in Bongo Hive Laptop Yes!
09:00-10:00 Certifacte presentations Bongo Hive Yes!
10:00-12:00 Presentation of outcomes, end of event Bongo Hive No!

Equipment Record Book for Wikimedia Zambia VolunteersEdit

We are presently. We hope to be in possession of equipment to help improve our participation in Wikimedia and its Sister projects.

The table shows how the equipment will be used if available.

Item Availability Item Description Purpose Date Taken Signature Date Returned To Whom Signature
Wikipedia Pull up Banner Yes A Wikipedia pop up Banner

Wikipedia communtiy in ZambiaEdit

The Wikipedia communtiy in Zambia the members in 2019 during Wiki Loves Africa 2019. Wikipedia Community in Zambia is a commnunity which is part of the part of the Wikimedia movement. The purpose of the commnunity is to equate everyone's chances to reach, interact with, and share knowledge, both general and specific in the fields of science, culture, education and art, as well as to promote and organize volunteering and charity related to the aformentioned purpose.


  • Promote use of Wikimedia projects by people in Zambia
  • Help and assist people in Zambia learn how to edit Wikimedia projects
  • Fuse Wikipedia and Education
  • Promote freeing up and donating content, as an attitude, in Zambia
  • Promote Wikimedia related voluntarism in Zambia
  • Increase reach to free knowledge where needed in Zambia
  • Organize in-person gatherings of Wikimedians in Zambia
  • Develop a healthy Wikimedia Community in Zambia, also fighting gender gap.

Target activities

  • Try to phase-in Wiki Clubs for secondary education students
  • Promote and assist Wikipedia contributing at universities
  • Produce education material for Wikimedia project editing
  • Build tools for assisting teaching of Wikimedia projects
  • Collaborate with organizations in favor of the public benefit in Zambia
  • Hold edit contests for Wikimedia content in Zambia

Wikitongues VideosEdit

List of Wikitongues Videos
Video name/Link on Wikimedia Commons File usage on Wikipedia Used on Meta Other projects
Anass speaking Tarifi - لهجة تريفيت - Rifeny - Tarifit - Rifian language - Idioma rifeño and Lenguas bereberes - Langues berbères and Rifain - Lingua berbera and Lingua tarifit - Tutlayt tarifit - Riffijns - Línguas berberes and Língua rifenha - Берберские языки and Рифский язык - Berberspråk

Anass speaking Moroccan Arabic - لهجة مغربية Marokkansk arabisk - Moroccan Arabic - Árabe marroquí - Arabe marocain - Arabo marocchino - Marokkansk-arabisk - Árabe marroquino - Марокканский диалект арабского языка - Marockansk arabiska


Abderrahman speaking Tachelhit - لهجة تشلحيت - Shilha language - Lenguas bereberes and Idioma tashelhit - Langues berbères and Chleuh - Tutlayt tacelḥit - Berberspråk

Andi speaking Batak Toba - Tataramon na Toba Batak - Toba Batak language

Samuel speaking Gaa - Gaa language Grants:Simple/Applications/AfroCROWD/2018-2019
Afek speaking Tunisian Arabic - Txikipedia:Arabiera - Arabo tunisino

Namibian Sign Language - Namibian Sign Language
Timothy speaking Chi-Chewa - Chewa language
Aakriti speaking Kashmiri - Kashmiri language
Alessandro speaking Ligurian - Ligurian (Romance language)
Allan speaking Gwich'in - Gwich'in
Candy speaking Malagasy - Malgaština - Malagasy (Sprache)

Christine speaking Shetlandic - Scots language, Shetland Scots

- Christine De Luca - Q5110992
Daisy speaking Kinyarwanda - Kinyarwanda
Darma speaking Minangkabau - Minangkabauische Sprache
Elizabeth speaking Cornish - Kornische Sprache
Foffo speaking Neapolitan - Neapolitan language
Freddie speaking Portuguese - Txikipedia:Portuges
Gereon speaking English - Txikipedia:Ingeles hizkuntza
Gereon speaking German. - Txikipedia:Aleman
Hans speaking Sranan - Sranantongo - Sranan Tongo

Iain speaking Scottish Gaelic - Schottisch-gälische Sprache