list of userboxes!


This person feels sad. Cheer them up!
This person feels neutral from now on.
This person may be depressed, or sad, because of abuse, mental health issues, or grief. You can cheer them up. :)
This person is happy, or cheerful. They're okay.


my signature tricks!

cotton candy :) (this works with names with how many letters in the 2 digit)

[[User:username|<span style="color:#c29695">na</span>]][[User talk:username|<span style="color:#91b1bf">me</span>]]

optional: [[Special:Contributions/username|<span style="color:#a591bf">♡</span>]]

example (with optional)


example (without)


2 colors aesthetic :] (works with names that have how many letters that equal the 2 digit numbers)

[[User:username|<span style="color:#(color)">『 na</span>]][[User talk:username|<span style="color:#(color)">me 』</span>]]

optional: [[Special:Contributions/username|<span style="color:#(mixed colors between the colors you chose)"> ⓒ </span>]]

optional too, but if you confirmed email: [[Special:EmailUser/username|<span style="color:#(same as the first two colors you chose)">ⓔ</span>]]

example with both optionals

『 juliet 』

example with contributions only

『 juliet 』

example without optionals

『 juliet 』