Hello, my name is Aryan. I'm a Wikipedian who mainly reads and edits chemistry, aviation and aeronautical engineering. I read about but don't usually edit automotive engineering and the general sciences. I am interested in all of the chemical elements but more so in the actinides and nonmetals. Americium is my favorite element and I have 7 samples of it; 6 of them are 241Am from from smoke detectors and 1 of 243Am from Isotope purchase. My favorite shows are Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super as well as other series form the Dragon Ball franchise.. Most people and my friends know me as λmericium (with a lowercase lambda replacing the "A" and preferably with orange text). I love the lenny face for some reason → ╚═( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )═╝. My main page is on Wikipedia → Hyperclassic