User:Hogü-456/Idea for Implementation of Spreadsheetfunctions in Wikifunctions

Spreadsheets are used by a lot of people worldwide. Many people can make computations in a Spreadsheet. The goal of Wikifunctions is to collect implementation of functions. If this were possible in Spreadsheets it makes it possible to contribute for many people. It is from my point of view possible to make a lot of different computations in Spreadsheets. There are a lot of different functions available in Spreadsheets and they are translated into many languages. So it is possible to contribute propably in the own language. There are difference in the kind of notation between different languages what character is used for splitting numbers and also for showing a string. So there are differences in the output and this important to pay attention to. So there should be an possibilty to convert functions to another language.

Wikifunctions Description
=MID(A2,4,3) Extrahiert Zeichen aus einem Text
=IF(A2="ifu",1,0) Führt für den Fall, dass es zutrifft oder nicht zutrifft andere Funktionen aus