The name Harshil has meaning 'Joyful' or the one who gives happiness. (So, am I). I am graduated in Electrical Engineering from L.D.College of Engineering. I am nationally Indian and ethnically and linguistically Gujarati. I am living in Ahmedabad, on the bank of Sabarmati river and originally belongs to one village located on it.


Wikipedia is an amazing place to learn diplomacy, etiquette and teamwork along with gaining knowledge about your area of interests but content gap due to systemic bias is worrying issue. Many articles are concentrated over so called first world and much in details, whereas basic details about Asian and African countries are missing. This is basically due to the digital divide and language issue. Whenever I read notable book, go to notable place, hear about notable person and observe notable event then my primary priority is to make list them on biggest online encyclopedia. Many details about historical figures, biographies, recent events of India are missing on the Wikipedia. I want to address it here, keep racial bias on Wikipedia in mind. I also address gender gap by creating articles on notable women.


I have immense interest in the history, polity, economy, indology, electrical engineering and psychology. If we go more deeper for Indology then specifically I am interested in Indic religions, literature, languages and persons related to it. I have goal to contribute more and more in these areas and primarily related to Gujarat and India on Wikipedia.