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Global sysops act as administrators on many small wikis. They focus on vandalism and the routine maintenance of wikis with no active or only a very few semi-active local administrators. Like stewards, global sysops should aim to make no decisions, such as deciding the outcome of local debates, but should only enact the will of the community. Global sysops should avoid conflicts of interest and remain neutral.


Global sysops may deal with outright vandalism on any wiki that has not opted-out of the global sysop scheme. This includes blocking persistent vandals and deleting vandalism, obvious test pages and nonsense, and crosswiki spam pages.

Routine maintenanceEdit

There are many various actions that are defined as routine maintenance. Deletion of broken redirects, edit requests for the MediaWiki namespace, protect/unprotect requests and similar actions. Normally these are done by local administrators, however on wikis where there are no active or only very few semi-active local sysops, global sysops may perform routine maintenance tasks.

Forbidden actsEdit

Certain actions are against global sysop policy.

  • Global sysops must not decide local content discussions (ie: edit wars, etc.).1
  • Global sysops must not block an established user of a local community.1
  • Global sysops must not perform routine maintenance in wikis with active local administrators.
  • Global sysops must not use their rights to perform admin functions on a wiki where they are active on unless they are also local admins.

1Except in the same circumstances that a steward would be permitted to do so.