How do I, as an owner of a wiki, get the ability to use CheckUser on a wiki?

  1. Get the CheckUser extension files from from SVN (
  2. Copy the php files (below) from SVN to your extensions directory, e.g. /extensions
    • CheckUser.i18n.php
    • CheckUser.php
    • CheckUser_body.php
  3. Add the following to LocalSettings.php: require_once ( "extensions/CheckUser.php" );
  4. Creating a log file isn't strictly necessary, but you should probably make one and add this line to LocalSettings.php: $wgCheckUserLog = "logs/CheckUser.log"; where "logs" can be any folder you want
  5. Go to your wiki page Special:Userrights as an Admin and give yourself (at least) permission to use CheckUser or do this through a SQL database edit (similar to giving admin privileges).