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  • lead developer of Wikidata and WiktionaryZ
  • subpages (can be enabled or disabled on a per-namespace basis)
  • ability to edit individual sections
  • graphical edit toolbar
  • table of contents feature
  • Wikimedia Commons support
  • double-click editing
  • Go button to view articles directly
  • Talk pages for anonymous users; "You have new messages" text
  • w:Wikipedia:Book sources
  • Improvements to deletion, e.g. pre-fill reason box with content
  • "Ancient pages"
  • diff-link and history link in user contributions list
  • automatically add section titles to the edit summary
  • links in edit summaries
  • external editor support
  • Help: namespace, custom extra namespaces, and finally the namespace manager and complete namespace redesign
  • multiline upload description
  • optional email authentication requirement for editing (based on existing auth code)
  • inputbox extension
  • designed MediaWiki logo
  • a lot of small stuff

Specs and ideas:

Organizational work:

Work around Wikipedia:

  • co-initiated the Free Content Definition
  • wrote a book about wikis, weblogs, and open source (in German)
  • wrote articles about Wikipedia and MediaWiki for Telepolis, c't, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Linux Magazine, and others
  • have spoken about the project at numerous conferences since 2003, most notably:
    • Open Cultures, Vienna, June 5 & 6, 2003
    • Wizards of OS 3, June 2004 (one of the first international Wikipedia meetups and the founding meeting for the German chapter)
    • OhmyNews conference in Seoul, South Korea, June 2005 (Wikinews, see my coverage)
    • Wikimania 2005, Frankfurt; and Wikimania 2006, Boston
    • Free/Libre and Open Source Software Workshop in Pretoria, South Africa, 2005 (with Angela)
    • Keynotes in the Munich city hall, October 2005, and at the Wikiposium in Vienna, November 2005
    • see my personal homepage for up-to-date info and links, and my calendar for upcoming events
  • moderated three workshops teaching people how to use Wikipedia and Wikinews
  • manage a small wiki hosting company,

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