User:Elitre (WMF)/Glossary for translators

These should be working indications to paid translators. A larger glossary can be found at Glossary.

Acronyms (i.e., GLAM)

don't bother with them - leave them as they are in English.


Any organisations within the Wikimedia movement – chapters, thematic organizations, user groups. Wikimedia_movement_affiliates


It's short for Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation. Sometimes shortened as BoT.

Hyperlinked websites, institutions, roles, events etc.

You can leave those in English.

Strategy, or Strategy 2030

it's how we call our effort to write a global strategy for our movement for 2030. has examples of how these words have been previously translated (although some refer to 2017).


This is the format in which our nicknames are written. To be left as they appear.

Wiki Loves/Takes...

It's a format for various Wikimedian initiatives. To be left in English.


is usually short for "the Wikimedia movement". Leaving it as just Wikimedia does the trick.

Wikimedia X

where X is usually the name of a country: it's the name of an affiliate in that country. It's ok to leave it as it is. Transliteration to a different script, if doable, is ok.


When used as a noun: contributor to the Wikimedia movement. has a few translations of the term.


When used as a noun: contributor to Wikipedia. has a few translations of the term.


Wikimedia Foundation. It's ok to leave it as an acronym if it's there, but please do not shorten "Wikimedia Foundation" to WMF yourselves.

X Committee

it's a committee in our movement. As for other groups (i.e., Working Groups) and committees (i.e. LangCom), it's ok to leave the name in English, even when it's shortened (i.e. Affcom).