WikiContrib is a tool for Wikimedia community members to visualize their technical contributions within a specified time range. Currently, the tool gathers statistics from Phabricator (task management system) and Gerrit (code collaboration platform). The statistics are displayed in a graphical format for making it easier for contributors to visualize.

Using the toolEdit

Graphs displaying contributions of a user

WikiContrib tool is hosted on Wikimedia Toolforge:

To view your or a community member's contributions, provide your/their full name, Gerrit, and Phabricator username. By default, the tool gathers the contributions made by a user to various projects in the last year, and there are options available to filter by timestamp.

You can add information of multiple users manually or upload a list of usernames in a CSV format to view contributions for several community members collectively (this feature is still in experimental mode). The format for the CSV file is as follows:

fullname, Gerrit, Phabricator
Srishti, srishakatux, srishakatux
Suchakra, tuxology, tuxology
Rammanoj, rammanoj, rammanoj



This project was developed by Rammanojpotla as part of Google Summer of Code 2019 under the mentorship of Suchakra Sharma and Srishti Sethi. You can chat with them on Wikimedia Zulip:

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