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Process of Cohort Validation in Wikimetrics


The process of naming, uploading, and validating cohort usernames is currently a bit complicated. This page is here to help you with this process. The overall process is roughly the following:

  1. create your cohort file
  2. upload file to wikimetrics, one file per project
  3. edit or fix cohort file so that all users are valid

Importantly, once a cohort name is created on Wikimetrics, you cannot name another cohort the same name. Because of this, you may want to name your cohorts a generic name (i.e. test1, cohort1, etc.) until the cohort works. Once all your usernames are valid, or when you are happy with the number of usernames/userIDs that are valid, upload your cohort using the format below.

Wikimetrics - Naming your Cohort File


As the number of users increases on Wikimetrics, making sure that everyone is using unique file names is very important. This is especially important as cohort sharing becomes enabled and users need to be able to identify what the file contains. Please alter/edit the File Codes below as needed, or add additional ones. However, be aware that many people will be using these codes and changing them frequently may result in confusion.

A Wikimetrics cohort filename format should follow (as closely as possible):

[Program Name]_[Entity]_[Site/Event]_[StartDate]_[Project]


[Program Name]


The Program Name is the type of Wikimedia Program (see Glossary).

Program Name File Code
Wikipedia Education Program WEP
WikiLoves Monuments WLM
WikiTakes WT
WikiExpeditions WExp
Content Donations CoDo
Edit-a-thons EThon
Editing Workshop EShop
Writing Contest WCtests
WikiCup WCup
GLAM initiatives GLAM
Add a new program here ??



The Entity is the organization who organized the event (not funded).

Entity File Code Entity File Code Entity File Code
Amical Wikimedia AMICAL Wikimedia Suomi FI Wikimedia Polska PL
Wikimedia Armenia AM Wikimédia France FR Wikimedia Portugal PT
Wikimedia Argentina AR Wikimedia Hong Kong HK Викимедија Србије RS
Wikimedia Österreich AT Wikimédia Magyarország HU Викимедиа РУ RU
Wikimedia Australia AU Wikimedia Indonesia ID Wikimedia Sverige SE
Wikimedia Bangladesh BD Wikimedia Israel IL Wikimedia Taiwan TW
Wikimedia Canada CA Wikimedia India IN Вікімедіа Україна UA
Wikimedia Switzerland CH Wikimedia Italia IT Wikimedia UK UK
Wikimedia Chile CL Викимедија Македонија MK DC Wikimedia District of Columbia US-DC
Wikimedia Česká republika CZ Wikimedia Macau MO NYC Wikimedia New York City US-NYC
Wikimedia Deutschland DE Wikimedia México MX Wikimedia Uruguay UY
Wikimedia Danmark DK Wikimedia Nederland NL Wikimedia Venezuela VE
Wikimedia Eesti EE Wikimedia Norge NO Wikimedia South Africa ZA
Wikimedia España ES Wikimedia Philippines PH Add a new entity here ??



You may number or name your different sites or program locations for which you implement a particular program in this field if necessary. It is suggested you keep this label short and use the Description box for additional information you may need to note.



DDMonYY ...where DD is the numeric day of the month, Mon is the first three alpha letters of the month, and YY is the numeric for the year’s last two digits. If the exact day does not matter (for example with WLMs)

NOTE: You may want to only use the MonYY in your cohort name.



Wikimetrics is not yet able to process the same cohort through different projects. Thus, you would need to upload the same cohort, but select a different project for each file name.

The easiest way to label the project is to use the two-letter language identifier (i.e. "en" for the English Wikipedia), followed by "wiki." So:

enwiki = English Wikipedia
dewiki = German Wikipedia
jawiki = Japanese Wikiepedia

For Commons, "Wikicommons" is used.

Invalid Users


Usernames can be tricky with Wikimetrics. Sometimes they work fine, other times they do not. There is a range of reasons why usernames might not work. This section will help you identify what may be the problem with your usernames.

The most common problems include:

  • Incorrect spelling
  • User deleted or changed their username
  • Capitalization
  • Spaces versus underscores
  • Symbol was not recognized by Wikimetrics
  • Trailing spaces after usernames are present
  • Hidden formatting is present

User deleted or changed their username

Solution: Search for “user:[username]” in the project’s search box to check for correct spelling and/or whether the user changed or deleted their username. If you happen to have their email address, try to confirm the user's information.

Spaces versus underscores

Solution: Try both spaces and underscores. If you have MS Word, you can use the "Find > Replace" function to replace spaces with underscores, and vice versa.
Example 1 -> Example_1

Symbol was not recognized by Wikimetrics

Solution: Email the Wikimetrics mailing list and let them know which symbol is the problem.

Trailing spaces and/or hidden formatting

Solution: Copy/paste your cohort into a word processor and select the option to "reveal formatting" so you can see what kind of hidden formatting exists. If you continue to have issues with hidden formatting, contact the Wikimetrics mailing list.

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