Welcome to my geographic overview.

I used to live in Pančevo, Serbia, at around 44°52' N, 20°39' E. Now I live in Belgrade, Serbia, at around 44°49' N, 20°28' E.

Below, there's a list of all the places I've visited throughout my life.

Places I visitedEdit





North AmericaEdit


My home country,   Serbia, is listed separately, for obvious reasons. Places that I have only driven through are not listed. Only larger and more important places are listed.


A place that I've visited geographically (I've been in that part of the world), but not formally (I've never entered the political territory, as I've remained in international territory).
^ This city is also the capital.
* I visited this city's airport.

Geo extremesEdit

I find geographical extremes interesting, because they can show how far you've been traveling.

35°42'42" N, 139°48'54" E (Oshiage, Tokyo, Japan)
63°27'27" N, 10°55'27" E (Trondheim Airport, Norway)
33°57'34" S, 18°24'20" E (Table Mountain, South Africa)
19°26'27" N, 99°12'17" W (Museo Soumaya, Mexico City, Mexico)

Note: This lists only on-ground extremes; aircraft extremes are not considered.

Geo centersEdit

"Geographic center" is also an interesting indicator. I've found this site to be of particular use when calculating geographic midpoints.

Now, I've calculated my midpoints by entering only the extremes, i.e. only 4 sets of latitude+longitude. Perhaps midpoint for all the visited places would be a better indicator, but it's quite impractical to input all of the coordinates, especially if you've visited lots of places.

So, here are my midpoints for my extremes:

  • geographic midpoint (center of gravity): 69°53'25" N, 7°33'41" W (somewhere in the Norwegian Sea)
  • center of minimum distance: 63°27'27" N, 10°55'27" E (Trondheim Airport, Norway)
  • average latitude/longitude: 21°09'45" N 17°29'06" E (somewhere in the Sahara, northern Chad)