Inappropriate user names Persian to English

The list below is not necessarily complete. Use common sense when applying these rules (for example, a name that may be offensive in one context may have a milder meaning in another). For help with inappropriate emails, see Dealing with inappropriate emails.

Four types of usernames are specifically not allowed:

Misleading usernames that mislead the contributor. These are too many to list here, but they certainly include letters that somehow state that you have a position on Wikipedia, or letters that may interfere with the signature, such as letters like IP addresses. Or time labels. Shortcuts: WP: Advertising user وپ: کت WP: Advertising user

Advertising letters are all letters that are made to advertise a company, organization (including non-profit organizations), website or products. If a user's username belongs to a company or website but does not advertise on that wiki for that company or website, they should not close their account but should be advised to change their username. [1] Offensive or divisive emails are emails that offend other participants and make it difficult to edit together. Annoying emails, including explicit trolls or personal attacks, including obscene words or emblems that are clearly intended to interfere with Wikipedia. If you choose such a username, your account may be blocked - but you will be invited to create a new and acceptable username. If you have inadvertently created an inappropriate username, you can change it - see the page below to change your username. If your username is borderline, you may be asked to change it voluntarily.

As part of the Misleading Email Rules, your username should not indicate that your account has unauthorized licenses; Therefore, your username cannot contain terms such as admin, bureaucrat, steward, inspector, concealer, or similar terms (as well as English terms such as admin, sysop, or moderator). Also, if your username is not made for the robot, it should not be thought to be a robot, ie the bot word should not be used in such a way as to cause misleading (the bot word is used to identify bots' accounts. The username should not be included. Scripts that point to automated processes, usernames should not contain the words "Wikipedia", "Wikimedia", "Wiktionary", etc., otherwise they may feel that your account is officially founded or One of its projects is affiliate.

These criteria apply to both usernames and signatures. Remember that the purpose of your username or signature is to identify you as one of the contributors. If your signature or username is unnecessarily complicated, users may ask you to change it.

All usernames that are inappropriate in other languages, or in some way represent one of the types of inappropriate username but with incorrect spelling or alternate characters, or do so indirectly or in a meaningful way, are still considered inappropriate. Finally, the line between appropriate and inappropriate user emails is based on the opinions of other users.

Wikipedia recommends that users avoid the following:

Names of politicians, the military, and religious figures or individuals. Any other name that can be potentially annoying, either in the direction of or against a political point of view, rules and beliefs. Pay attention to the opinions of others.

People need to be able to judge you only by your contributions and not by the emotions that a sensitive nickname evokes. It is up to you to avoid these names. So please be careful. Remember that you are part of a community. Give everyone the same respect you expect them to give you.