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Over the past few years, there has been a move toward ordering blocked users not to use their talk pages for anything but unblock requests. There are several reasons why it is better to permit legitimate talk page use. Blocked users need a way to publicly request admin assistance.

Talk pages are public and recorded in the page history. Blocked users who wish to be unblocked have more reason than anyone to want to keep their communication public and on the record.

A blocked user may need to...

  • Report impersonation.
  • Report vandalism of their userpage.
  • Report baiting, harassment or other abusive posts.
  • Discuss the matters that led up to the block with neutral third parties who wish to mediate.

But what about email?

If a blocked user emails an admin requesting assistance, either party can misinterpret, forget, or even lie about what the email contained, and there is no publicly accessible copy of the text for third parties to see.

Further, the community is famously split on whether emails about official Wiki business count as private and therefore whether it is okay to reveal what they contained. Giving blocked users a public option allows all parties to avoid the drama that comes when the people disagree.

Keep Project Wiki low drama! Don't forbid legitimate use of talk pages!