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The Wikimedia Foundation can provide different kinds of support for research on Wikimedia projects or involving the editor community. The main contact point at the Foundation for all research-related queries is the Wikimedia Research Committee (RCom). Before contacting RCom members, please check out the following list of frequently asked questions.

How do I recruit participants for my study?Edit

Researchers can obtain community approval to recruit research participants for surveys, interviews and experiments by contacting the Research Committee. The Committee will review these requests and, if approved, provide the appropriate kind of support for recruiting participants. (read more)

Can WMF help me collect data for my research?Edit

The Wikimedia Foundation maintains a number of publicly available datasets as well as tools (such as the API and the toolserver) that allow researchers to directly query databases that support Wikimedia projects. In some cases, technical support may be needed for particularly demanding data collection jobs or to get access to non-public data. In these cases specific requests can be submitted to the Foundation and will be reviewed by the Research Committee on an individual basis and approved depending on available resources. (read more)

Can I get access to WMF non-public data?Edit

The Wikimedia Foundation hosts and maintains the technical infrastructure that runs all Wikimedia projects. As such it holds in its database data that is not publicly available. In some exceptional circumstances, researchers can request access to these data, as long as they comply with the Foundation's privacy policy and access to nonpublic information policy and meet a number of requirements on the use of this data. (read more)

How can I get special API privileges for my research?Edit

You can access the API to retrieve data from Wikimedia projects with the standard permissions that are granted to your registered username. In some cases the Foundation can grant special permissions (such as high API request limits) on a temporary basis to individual users for research purposes. (read more)

Can WMF write a letter of support for my grant proposal?Edit

The Wikimedia Foundation does not directly participate, unless in exceptional circumstances, in grant applications and research consortia as a partner institution. However it can support individual research projects of particular strategic importance by providing a formal endorsement. (read more)

Can WMF financially support my research?Edit

The Wikimedia Foundation occasionally sponsors research projects of strategic importance in the form of grants. Grants are awarded via calls for participation or directly allocated for research commissioned by the Foundation. Calls and submission instructions will be posted on this wiki as soon as they become available. (read more)

Can WMF host me as a research fellow/research intern?Edit

Can WMF host my research?Edit

You can share and host research at some Wikimedia projects when the inclusion criteria of the most relevant language edition is met, and if you agree to license all work under an open-content compatible license.

These can be excellent ways to give back to the community and keep the community informed.