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See User:Dapete/vCat for general information about vCat.

vCat already supports all languages with Wikipedias over 1.000.000 articles. The goal is to extend this to all over 100.000 articles, and as many as possible over 10.000 articles.

Although the font used by GraphViz is set to DejaVu Sans, the Cairo library it uses for font rendering will automatically pick up fonts as needed if specific glyphs are not included in this font.

Languages Font Ubuntu package Ubuntu package description Notes
Fonts needed for 1.000.000+ Wikipedias
All DejaVu Sans ttf-dejavu-core Vera font family derivate with additional characters This package was already installed on Tool Labs, but it was explicitly added to the Puppet config.
Fonts needed for 100.000+ Wikipedias
All languages written in Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic and Hebrew scripts
Hayeren (hy)
DejaVu Sans see above
Hindī (hi) Lohit Devanagari ttf-indic-fonts Metapackage for free Indian language fonts This is the font loaded as a Webfont on It also covers many other languages. Font has been installed.
Japanese (ja) IPAGothic fonts-ipafont-gothic Japanese OpenType font set, IPA Gothic font Font has been installed.
Korean (ko) UnBatang fonts-unfonts-core Un series Korean TrueType fonts Font has been installed.
Chinese (zh) ? ? ? IPAGothic is used for some Chinese characters if it is installed. I need to find out if this should be used (I know some characters are written differently between these languages) and another font is needed for the other characters, anyway.
Fonts needed for 10.000+ Wikipedias
Unusual scripts in 10.000+ Wikipedias (work in progress, stopped at my)
Language Font
locally (my computer) explicitly specified on Wikipedia
Languages which require special fonts
am (Āmariññā) Goha-Tibeb Zemen AbyssinicaSIL
my (Myanmarsar) can not display TharLon
Indic languages covered by Lohit which use a special font on Wikipedia
bn (Bangla) Lohit Bengali Siyam Rupali
Indic languages covered by Lohit
bpy (Bishnupriya Manipuri) Lohit Bengali
gu (Gujarati) Lohit Gujarati
kn (Kannada) Lohit Kannada
ml (Malayalam) Lohit Malayalam
mr (Marathi) Lohit Hindi
new (Nepal Bhasa) Lohit Hindi
ne (Nepālī) Lohit Hindi Lohit Nepali
Languages covered by DejaVu Sans
ka (Kartuli) DejaVu Sans
ku (Kurdî) DejaVu Sans

Already installed on Tool Labs on request:

  • fonts-ipafont-gothic
  • fonts-unfonts-core
  • ttf-dejavu-core (was not explicitly installed)
  • ttf-indic-fonts