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Leon Ziemba2:42 PM "Intermediate Goal (by mid 2022): Parsoid replaces the core parser for all wikitext use cases on the Wikimedia cluster."

Emanuele Leoni2:42 PM

Daniel Kinzler2:44 PM

Leon Ziemba2:54 PM you need CodeMirror on your local, too!

Leon Ziemba2:55 PM

You2:58 PM I was also playing with this: (from Daniel's patch) on Vector2022 The table header stacks underneath the page title but it's not great :(

Leon Ziemba2:59 PM Jon Robson was also saying there to use skinStyles

Leon Ziemba3:00 PM table :not(table) maybe?

Leon Ziemba3:03 PM

Emanuele Leoni3:04 PM

Leon Ziemba3:06 PM .mw-sticky-header-element

You3:13 PM and most of the tables are not sortable Emanuele Leoni3:16 PM

You3:19 PM Jon dropped a comment here: This looks like a skin style at best to me. It doesn't need to be loaded for every user.

Have you looked at ? We created the mw-sticky-header-element class as a generic way for gadgets and extensions to represent themselves as sticky. on this patch:

Emanuele Leoni3:21 PM

Leon Ziemba3:24 PM test cases can go here:

Leon Ziemba3:26 PM err, that's only for the TOC

Leon Ziemba3:30 PM thanks